жилеты для мужчинThe vest is an elegant attribute of the male wardrobe, which you should be proud of. Previously wore the vest to make it warmer in the winter and to hide the shirt. In our time, vest for men serves to complete the image. It adds some formality and at the same time carelessness.


Models men’s jackets

You can choose any option: fitted, free, with lapels or without them, with four, two pockets or no pockets.

The basic rule that must be followed: a vest should be long enough to cover the belt and never to buckle the belt on the last button.


How to choose the vest

If you work in a particular industry that requires the formalities of appearance, pick a vest matching the suit or a little lighter. The vest should be visible even when buttoned the jacket.

If in your professional environment are not respected certain rules of the dress code, you can safely experiment with colors and patterns your jacket.

Men’s vest can create a certain style of its owner.

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