Витамин А для красоты и здоровьяWe all want to have beautiful healthy skin, hair and nails, but this requires vitamins.

Scientists have found that vitamin a is considered the absolute leader in the fight for our youth and beauty.

If you learn how to properly consume, you can get rid of many problems. In this article we will tell you about the beneficial effect of vitamin A.

It is scientifically proven that vitamin a has a powerful antioxidant effect, destroying dangerous oxygen molecules, which are constantly formed in the skin by exposure to the environment. If you don’t neutralize free radicals will damage collagen fibers, resulting in wrinkled.

Another advantage of this vitamin in that it contains retinol, which is actively involved in the rejuvenation of the body. It accelerates the process of cell renewal, strengthens capillaries and improves blood circulation.

Earlier retinol treated acne, and more recently have been made discoveries about the fact that this substance acts on wrinkles, including deep. But to enter the vitamin in the composition of anti-aging creams in no hurry because of it, so to speak, “finicky” character.

If you enter a vitamin b cream in pure form, it is very rapidly oxidized and immediately loses all its useful properties. In addition, it easily reacts with other substances that, too bad.

After a lot of research, scientists still managed to seal the molecules in the liquid crystal, which has started to appear anti-aging cream with retinol in the composition, which is very effective for face care after 30 years.

Of course, these creams are very effective in the fight for the youth, but even more effective than the cream, the composition of which contains retinol and vitamin C.

Cosmetic products with vitamin a, which is certainly useful, but it is very important that he did in the diet. So, in order to replenish the vitamin a you need to eat: cod liver, fish, egg yolks, tomatoes, asparagus, dill, parsley and other vegetables contain provitamin a – carotene, which is also very useful for health and beauty.

If You begin to regularly include in your diet foods that contain this vitamin of youth, you will soon improve immunity, activate metabolism, improve eyesight and eventually will become even more beautiful and attractive. That is why, try to continually improve the diet of nutrition.

Thank you all for your attention. Be the most beautiful.

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