витамин Е для лицаFor the health needs all of the vitamins, but the vitamin E is its antioxidant properties, which are indispensable for the skin. This means that vitamin E for the face protects cells from oxidation, which damages them, causing premature aging.


The invaluable properties of vitamin E

Vitamin E is present in all cells of the body, it protects the membrane from damage associated with oxygen. In addition, vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties. It fights aging, protects against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Due to the strong antioxidant property of vitamin E protects skin cells from aging. It helps keep it elastic and smooth. In addition, vitamin E protects against negative environmental factors.

A sufficient amount of vitamin E prevents the development of acne. According to studies, people with acne the level of vitamin E in the blood is much lower than in people without acne.


Source of vitamin

The best way to obtain vitamin E is, of course, food. Daily dose of vitamin E, 12 milligrams. Typically, the vitamin E contained in vegetable oils: wheat germ, sunflower seeds, nuts. In addition, it is also found in egg yolks, butter, whole grains, and sardines, avocados, and in all oilseeds (peanut, almond, hazelnut).


How to apply vitamin E

Vitamin E is considered a vitamin of youth and life. Applying vitamin E directly to the skin – this is the most simple and effective tool, as it slows down the effects of aging. Every day the skin is exposed to free radicals, which inhibit the development of collagen and cellular regeneration that causes premature aging and appearance of wrinkles on the face. In addition, vitamin E protects the skin from the sun’s rays and polluting the environment.

Thanks to the anti-aging effect, vitamin E is one of the main ingredients in many anti-aging creams commercial production. However, if you want to enjoy the immediate properties of the vitamin, it is recommended to buy capsules of vitamin E. Enough to cause the contents of the capsule on the skin. Before applying please remember to clean the skin before bed to ease the effect of vitamin E throughout the night. As a result, the skin becomes fresh and young.

You can also add the contents of the capsules directly in a moisturizing or anti-aging cream. Vitamin E strengthens, prevents and fights wrinkles. Add contents of one capsule into the cream and apply to face (it must be absolutely clean). Pay special attention to the already damaged area, and after some time you will notice results.

You can use vitamin E for the preparation of face masks at home that will allow you to use moisturizing and rejuvenating properties of other natural components. For example, to prepare one of these masks, mix peeled cucumber with the contents of two capsules of vitamin E. apply the mixture on face for ten to fifteen minutes. Despite the fact that vitamin E is 100% natural, you still need to consult with your doctor on whether you have Allergy to it.

You can also take capsule of vitamin E inside for two weeks.

If you suffer from acne and poor skin healing, vitamin E is the best solution. Capsules of vitamin E help to combat scars, dark spots, as it contains huge number of antioxidants.

Serum based on plant oils combined with vitamin E protect the skin from oxidation. For optimal results, it is recommended to use a protective anti-aging serum. In addition, the serum helps to create new cells and eliminate old dead skin cells, acting as exfoliating component. Besides a mixture of oils of vegetable origin and vitamin E prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Penetrating the skin, vitamin E protects from UV rays that cause skin reddening and burns.


Actif Pur Vitamine E

Tool Actif Pur Vitamin E protects the skin from negative environmental influences and any wrinkles. This tool is useful in any age, from twenty-five years. It restores and tones the skin, aligning its tone and giving it freshness. An ultra-concentrated product penetrates in the skin in the place where it is needed. And all thanks to technology-In-skin.

Actif Pur Vitamin E is best applied in the morning on clean and dry skin before applying the cream. The course of treatment is four weeks. First results are visible already after fourteen days. Before use, shake well. After application it is recommended to use a moisturizer depending on skin type.

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