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Not everyone knows, but in order to have a beautiful and toned figure does not necessarily wear down a diet and sweating in the gym from morning to evening. Only a couple of thousand steps a day – and you’re in great shape! But for those who have serious problems with excess weight, the burden should be increased up to 10,000 steps. A lot? But simple, cheap, and most importantly – safe for the health. The latter, of course, is possible only if the competent approach. Let’s talk about what should be walking for weight loss, to bring the most benefit.

Basic rules

Guided by the following rules, you can achieve a beneficial effect in several directions. The use of the walk is not only that it promotes weight loss. This type of training improves blood circulation, improves metabolism and reduces cholesterol. Even such a problem as running cellulite, will pass with time. Be prepared for the fact that the result will be noticeable immediately. On regular and persistent training you should spend not less than a month.

  1. Select the right clothes. Things should not hinder your movements. It is better, if the form for a quick walk will be made of natural fabrics. However, recently, there are many good products from innovative synthetic materials. Focuses not on fashion and beauty, and convenience. Since you plan to overhaul do struggle with excess weight, stock up on a few sets of clothes for different seasons of the year. For example, in the heat and let it be a tank top and shorts, and in cool weather – sports jacket and pants.
  2. Another important point is the choice of footwear. Ideal for walking fit shoes – they perfectly buffer, reducing the risk of injury to joints. Again, quality running shoes from leading sports manufacturers are not only comfortable, but also provide good ventilation legs during heavy traffic. So on this purchase is better not to save. Yes and good shoes will serve you for one season.
  3. The trainings take a bottle with potable or non-carbonated mineral water. Drink a liquid is very small SIPS. Water should not be too cold, otherwise you will easily get an angina or простудитесь. Regular intensive lessons, walking, do not forget, that will sweat, so you need to replenish stocks of fluid in the body. The daily norm of free fluid should be at least two litres a day.
  4. If you want to approach the matter thoroughly, buy a pedometer and counter burning calories. Start your diary weight loss, locking in all its results, and the plummet of the measured parameters of the body. Here you will be able to plan future workouts. This rule is not mandatory, however, as practice shows, not bad organizes lazy people.
  5. Of course, you can do walking on the spot and at home, but such an occupation leave in case. For example, when it’s raining outside. Ideally, the best training outdoors – somewhere in the forest or a Park. Take a walk around the neighborhood to choose this route, on which you will find a varied relief lowlands and highlands.
  6. Lesson must always begin with a warm-up. A couple of minutes walk slowly to warm up the muscles, joints and ligaments, and at the same time prepare the respiratory and cardiovascular system to load. After the training should be hitch – the same 2-3 minutes operate at a reduced pace.
  7. For successful weight loss walking should engage in at least 4-6 times a week. Duration of training – half to one hour.
  8. And finally – the most important rule, without which the miracle could not hope. Begin to eat. If you eat more than your body spends calories by physical exercises, your body will not leave a single gram. Make physical activity «covered» calories eaten, stick some low-calorie, but a balanced diet.

Types of walking

You can walk differently – fast, slow, moderate step. There is so called Nordic walking, which is a walking with ski poles. Now let us talk not about this, and about how this or that technique steps can influence the process of losing weight. After reading this information, you can determine the set of exercises which you want to focus, depending on the goals and the current problems with the figure.

Walking up the hill. Walking on the stairs perfectly strengthens the muscles of the front and back of the thigh and calf muscles. But it is the feet are one of the problem areas. So forget about the Elevator and train every day, going to work and returning with her.

Racewalking. Race walking faster and more rapid. It helps to model a beautiful contours of the press and upper back. To master this type of training is simple – take frequent and short steps, and put foot ahead of each other as if you are a confident are walking on a tightrope. The upper limbs to move to and fro.

Walking with a voltage buttocks. If your main problem is in the buttocks, try this option. When such a walking should always possible to strain the gluteus muscles at the moment when the «back» leg starts from the earth fingers. Make sure that the lumbar muscles were very tense.

Walking backwards. This type of walk promotes the gluteal muscles, and along the back. Pull your stomach and put his hands on his belt. Back always keep exactly – do not tilt forward. Select for training an even path, which you already know.

Approximate program of training

Start training to small, gradually increasing rhythm walk and increasing its duration. Otherwise, the next day you can’t get out of bed due to the pain in the muscles. At such variant of development of events at all easy to lose not only interest, but desire to do next. May look as follows competently organized walking:

  • the first level. The first time (a week or more) expressing short Hiking. Slowly walk for 15 minutes. Training repeat 4-5 times a week;
  • the second level. When your body gets used to the fact that now he will have to move increase walks up to 30 minutes. Simultaneously slightly accelerating pace. At this stage, hateful fat will actively be burned;
  • the third level. If you calmly deal with the previous level, increase the duration of employment to 60 minutes. Combine brisk walking (5-10 minutes) quiet (1-2 minutes);
  • the fourth level. This is already a transitional step to run. If after training you feel wonderful, 4-6 times a week do according to this scheme: slow running (2 minutes), then walking (1 minute).

Reviews of walking

Anna, 29 years old. But walking is best for weight loss. No wonder that professional athletes use it when you need to lose weight before a competition or assignment weight category. All it is is walk around the Park or Park and change some of our diet. Personally, I would sit on the protein diet. FOR a month I lost 7 kg!

Sophya, 26 years old. I generally figure too is running. And indeed, perhaps, is unlikely to find another man who more lazy and sedentary than I. Deciding to lose weight through walk, I ran into problems. First, shortness of breath, which appeared even during quiet step, not to mention climbing stairs. Secondly, the muscles of the second day of the training they only hurt, hurt, hurt. But I understood that it is not just a normal reaction, and a positive effect. Once ache and ache means, training. Went into the third week of training. Plumb already is 6.3 kg Drink a lot – more than 2 litres of water. But eat surprisingly comfortable even after intensive training. Probably true metabolism, I was disturbed, and now is gradually coming to normal.

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