гардероб для свободного времяпрепровожденияAfter diligent and productive working day, comes the time to relax and relieve tension. The time after work to spend in the company of friends over a glass of aperitif. This is also a great opportunity to meet interesting people, both professionally and personally. After work you just need to properly prepare for the holiday, including the clothes for free time activities.


Relaxing on the terrace

To relax on the terrace of your image should be relaxed, and at the same time elegant. The work is done, you can tear off the mask a serious person and add motifs and colors to the clothes. It is better to opt for a white and blue model shirt with pants chinos slim dark brown or beige and dark brown boots (or white sneakers). The completion of the image will be beige or black trench blazer suit your taste.


Rest in bar

If you are going to spend time after work in an expensive bar, you should look accordingly. Better you stick to the classic style: a pair of Derby, black, glossy, dark blue pants suit slim, black belt in supple leather with a silver buckle. As for the top part of the wardrobe, in a white shirt and dark blue and grey striped cashmere sweater with V neck collar. In this way there is nothing extravagant, but you will look positive and confident in myself.


Rest in the company of friends

If you want to spend an evening in the company of friends or work colleagues, you can wear a t-shirt with round or V neck shirt. Why not take a look at orange pants chinos? The perfect addition to them will be white t-shirt with birds. If this t-shirt makes you doubt, you can pick up another win-win option that is perfectly suited to the orange trousers white Polo shirt with a small ornament. White converse and a brown belt. Why brown? Yes, because if we choose a belt to match the shoes, we will have no border between the top and bottom of the wardrobe. Remember, everything must be in harmony. You can add an image with a white jacket Aviator neoprene or grey leather jacket.

The main thing is to feel confident and comfortable in any way. And don’t forget to relax and have fun.

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