бородавкиIn childhood, many believe that the warts appear when you pick up a toad or a frog. Actually, it is, of course, is nothing more than a myth. Ugly knot formation on the skin are caused in most cases (except senile warts) virus human papillomatosis. For this reason, to get rid of warts preferably under the supervision of a physician.


Varieties of warts

Warts is often considered a sign of old age: in fairy tales the ugly witches often have such a “decoration” on the face. But in reality, warts are affected more often children and teenagers. The disease is viral in origin and is transmitted by direct contact or through household items. There are four types of warts:

  • Vulgar or common warts are painless dry formations, towering above the skin surface. The consistency of these warts dense, surface uneven, with villi. Sizes range from a pinhead to a pea. Sometimes common warts merge together to form plaques. Favorite place localization – hands;
  • Plantar warts are a common kind of warts. These formations are characterized by the location in feet, in places pressure shoes. Very often these warts appear in those who are prone to excessive sweating. Plantar warts are very painful, they can make it difficult to walk;
  • Youth or flat warts occur, usually in childhood and young age. For these formations is characterized by the appearance of damaged skin, for example, along the scratches. Juvenile warts is a thick, flat round nodules or irregular shape. Favourite places of localization of the face and hands;
  • Genital warts – small nodules pink soft consistency. Expanding such nodules are similar in shape to the cauliflower florets, located on the grounds in the form of thin legs. Favourite localization – genitals and miyakodani folds.

Not to mention the so-called senile warts, which in fact warts are not, because their appearance with viral infections have nothing to do. The correct name of such entities – senile warts. They develop in old age and are plaques dark shades, covered with loose Horny masses. Are such entities are usually on the face, neck or torso.

Because warts are easily confused with malignant skin formations, it is not necessary to put a diagnosis on their own. It is much wiser to consult a doctor who will conduct a differential diagnosis.

There are over a hundred varieties of human papillomavirus. Some of these viruses cause genital warts, or warts, others are harmless, some cause cancer. For example, the proven relationship of cervical cancer virus papillomatosis. That is why warts is not as harmless as it was considered before, and they need to show the doctor.


Causes and treatments

Not always contact with an infected person inevitably leads to the appearance of warts. Among predisposing to the occurrence of these skin lesions explanatory factors and increased sweating, and decreased immunity, and certain diseases, and even psychological trauma. The incubation period is sufficiently long, it lasts from two to five months after infection.

Despite the fact that warts are annoying people for many thousands of years, and to this day there is no effective specific treatment of papillomavirus. In many countries, young women are getting vaccinated against this infection – vaccination also protects against the appearance of warts. Genital warts are usually removed surgically. Normal or destroy flat warts, freezing them with liquid nitrogen, using galvanic current, electrocoagulation, radio waves and other modern methods. All these procedures are performed only after a diagnosis and a medical examination.

Treatment of warts usually combine with medication to improve immunity. Activating the body’s defenses, these drugs allow you to win papillomavirus.

Often the organism to cope with the virus papillomatosis, but the healing process may be delayed. Interestingly, very often warts are spontaneously: it is no coincidence that many people are very effective various conspiracies against this scourge.


Traditional methods of removal

Cut off the warts with a knife or other sharp objects is not recommended. Thus it is readily possible infection. Fortunately, traditional medicine offers many other methods of treatment of warts. Although some of these techniques frankly unscientific and even somewhat funny, they can be quite effective.

The most common remedy for warts is juice of celandine. Putting it on skin lesions, you can get rid of them for a fairly short period of time.

But since celandine – tool is aggressive enough to use them with caution. In addition, before using celandine is necessary to specify the diagnosis, i.e. to find out that dense nodules on the skin – this is exactly warts.

If the mechanism of action of the herb can be explained from the point of view of science, then other people’s recipes closer to magic than to medicine. For example, it is recommended to cut in half a raw potato and RUB it halves the wart and then again folded halves together and bury the roots in the ground. After some time the wart will begin to shrink in size and disappear completely. Sometimes potato recommend to cut not into two but into twelve parts, sometimes buried in the manure, and not in the ground. And in some cases instead of potatoes generally used Apple, but the result is the disappearance of warts remains unchanged.

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