Жидкий каштан

“Water chestnut” for weight loss is positioned by the manufacturer as a super product, which can not only significantly to lose weight in record-breaking short terms (up to 20 kg in 3 months), but also to gain strength, energy, and generally become a completely different person. The perfect gift for those who most of my life holds passively lounging on the sofa in the dreams that when something suddenly itself will change. With this tool is the time to start a new life.

The composition and useful properties

Can anyone imagine what it looks like liquid chestnut? Ordinary indeed used in food – taste of cooked product is something like potatoes and France, for example, is considered a real delicacy. But in this case attached to the mysterious name is not worth it. New weight has nothing to do with chestnuts. The main active ingredient of the drug is guarana.

Component widely known among athletes and has been used as a natural and very powerful energy. The plant, from which fruits produce the main ingredient for “Liquid chestnut, is an evergreen shrub that grows in the Amazon basin in Brazil and Venezuela. Guaranine, which is in the composition of guarana, acts like caffeine, only he is much stronger than the last.

In addition, the manufacturer has filled your product for weight loss and other components – theophylline, theobromine, minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium) antioxidants, vitamin B1, saponins. Moreover, the first two components as guaranine, are prototypes of caffeine and affect the body’s energy impact, and the last contribute to its purification from harmful substances, slowing down the aging process, the lack of useful substances.

People, most part of a life which is held in the rhythm of sport and which need filling forces and toned, you’ll appreciate the new Supplement, rather than useful “water chestnut” for weight loss? It is enough to recollect, how do for us ordinary or green coffee:

  • getting rid of extra fluid in the body;
  • mild laxative effect;
  • the acceleration of metabolism;
  • some decrease of appetite;
  • increase concentration, health, physical endurance;
  • elimination of sleepiness.

Now let utroim all those useful for weight loss properties and get that with “Liquid chestnut” we can theoretically achieve amazing results. Perhaps, even those that promises us manufacturer. In addition, the naturalness of composition, devoid of synthetic components, promise that the product is not capable to cause body damage.

Application instruction

You can buy “water chestnut” in the form of powder, which, according to the instructions, you should add half a teaspoon (!) in fresh juices, smoothies, yogurt, cereal, water or tea. The manufacturer warns that because of the high concentration in the tool restorative materials in any case do not exceed the recommended dosage. This can lead to nervous excitement, a sleep problems. In the end, and regular coffee normal people don’t “jammed” circles.

By the way, avoid insomnia is not recommended to use “water chestnut” in the evening time. And if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, “throw out” the excess energy will be obtained nowhere, so take the drug only in the first half of the day. Absorbed substances contained in additive evenly within a few hours, so it is best to use the tool before exercise or after exercise to restore power needed to run the daily Affairs.


  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • the age of 18 years;
  • hypertension;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • ulcer of the stomach and intestines;
  • the nervous and physical exhaustion;
  • anorexia;
  • epilepsy;
  • nervous and mental disorders;
  • sleep disorders.

купить жидкий каштан


Arina, 29 years old. “Water chestnut” is something with something! Obesity I have, but perfectly harmonious I can not call. And people are not allowed to play sports. Now imagine sit on some strict diet with lots of restrictions and begin to walk around the house, feeling the pain of hunger. So all of the methods of weight loss ended the same way – Grand gormandize. Bought kostanic and will not PowerLite, start Jogging in the morning. Fortunately, summer, and the Park next to the house. And two metro stops to work, if the weather is favorable, walking on foot – there and back. Stand with difficulty, but the Cup of “ACTIVIA” powder ” and I’m good as new! And at home I am not stop – General cleaning, rearranging the furniture. In General, the energy of nowhere. Go to buy a subscription to fitness. And Yes, now just any diets!

Marianne, 31. Bought “water chestnut”, because it was promised that do not have to take efforts for weight loss. And nothing revolutionary happened. Appetite really pomeritsya – after taking a means to eat not very desirable. And the toilet was running more water out of me superfluous, apparently, was coming out. For the first week I dropped only 2.5 kg And heart all the time often struggled. It would be better on a diet of the village. Only a waste of time, money, and, probably, health.

Zoya, 34 years. I want all inspired to remind, and along with those who think that “water chestnut” slimming – this is another Scam. Guarana is not a fat burner, and energetic. On the sofa you lose weight with this tool will not be in any case. The manufacturer is a bit disingenuous, saying he didn’t have to work and sit on a diet. Need! Physical training plus nutrition (not hunger strike!), rich in protein and “good” carbohydrates. That’s when it really helps.

Anna, 24 years. Planned with friends for the summer to visit Crimea. Decided to prepare your body for beach season with “Liquid chestnut”. Of course, 15-20 kg me to dump it was not necessary, but those 7 kg, which I had planned, really gone. Personally, I took this for 3 weeks that remained before the holidays. With sports, I’m not friends, but Hiking is my everything. With this tool walking wanted more and longer, so I sent in resignation” Elevator (on the 6th floor of the living) and the bus to work and back. Super! If during your holiday will gain, you will know how to lose weight.

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