эпиляция воскомDespite the development of different methods of hair removal through the devices in beauty salons, waxing continues to be popular. What is her secret, because the procedure is not very painful and doesn’t get rid of hair forever? Maybe it’s in the accessibility of a method, because women at all times valued procedures, which they can do by themselves without the help of a specialist.


The pursuit of smoothness

Depilatory waxing called waxing (from English wax – wax») and ranked among the bioepilyatsii, that is, the method of natural hair removal. This, apparently, is also in favor of this method, the prevalence of which is not decreasing over time and professional development of alternative methods.

It is difficult to define the exact place and date of birth waxing. Historical sources indicate that the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti for hair removal used some kind of viscous mixture, but it certainly cannot claim that it was wax. Strip wax was used for epilation in Turkey concubines of the Sultan in the nineteenth century. In modern cosmetology use different types of wax, hard and soft. Liquid, strips, hot, warm and cold. Everyone chooses the procedure that finds himself more comfortable, but its effect is based on the same – on the plucking of hair that sticks wax mixture.

Wax epilation performed at home and at the salon, it may be resorted to for the removal of vegetation on the legs, underarms, bikini area, on the face for elimination of antennae. That the procedure was effective, the hair should grow by at least 5 mm, otherwise the wax will not be able to capture them. When people talk about a cold wax, mean wax strips, otherwise apply hot or warm the wax that comes in jars and it features in a water bath or in the microwave.


Epilation in warm wax

Waxes that can be applied on the skin in the form of heat, produced in roller cassettes and jars. They are easy to use, they do not cause discomfort from high temperatures. The composition of wax mixture includes resin, emollients, essential oils, citric acid. Preheat such waxes can in a water bath or in the microwave. Warm up in the microwave must not exceed 60 seconds. Usually jar for epilation warm wax designed for 2-3 applications, because then wax loses its strength and other properties. The most famous in the modern market of warm wax can be found at the brand Veet, which showed itself as a leader on release of funds for hair removal home use.


Hot wax hair removal

Hair removal with hot wax more painful, because the composition is heated to a temperature 40-50’c. Why some prefer the hot wax warm and cold? This is not surprising, because getting on the skin, hot wax is greater then and, as a consequence, lighter hair loss from bulbs. Painful sensations are due to application of wax on the skin, while the process of pulling out hairs is less than the cold wax strips.

The composition for hair removal with hot wax includes resin, petroleum products, oils, vitamins. Such compositions are produced in many forms, not only in cans, but in the records that you want to melt in a water bath. Liquid wax is applied to the skin gently with a spatula, then you need to put on him a paper or fabric strip, wait until it cools and tear in the direction against the hair growth.


Waxing cold wax (strips)

This is the most simple procedure that does not require a lot of time and does not cause inner discomfort as when working with hot wax. You only need to purchase a set of wax hair for home use that little RUB hands together for easy re-warming, to release the wax surface from the film, apply to the treated area, smooth, then rip out in the direction against the hair growth. Before applying wax strips the skin should be cleaned, it is better to do hair removal after the bath, when the pores are still opened, then the procedure is less painful and more effective.

Any type waxing require advance preparation. The skin must be absolutely clean, without a hint of oil texture on the surface, it should not be of wounds and injuries. Skin softening oils and постэпиляционный creams is done after the procedure.

You cannot hold waxing on skin moles, rash, and also not recommended this type hair removal varicose veins, vessels diseases, thrombophlebitis, allergies wax, disorders of blood coagulation in early pregnancy.

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