способы носить ботильоныThe boots are considered classics of the autumn fashion. But not so easy to choose the suitable clothes. But don’t worry that you won’t find, ways to wear ankle boots. There are a number of good options that help you create a stylish image.


  • Paired with jeans and a T shirt

It’s so simple and easy. And the image looks like on him no one worked.

  • With dark jeans and round scarf

In this way, lacking only, perhaps, a Cup of coffee.

Stylist tip: one end of the shirt carelessly to tuck in jeans.

  • Combined with a thick sweater

The boots will look great with thick, warm and cozy sweater.

  • With tights and a cute floral dress

Tights should be fairly warm, preferably wool.

  • Woolen stole warm in the cold

A big warm tippet is difficult to freeze.

  • Complete with leather shorts or pants

It just looks luxurious.

  • The combination of shorts and tights

As for the shorts with tights, it is hard to freeze.

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