способы носить кольцаMost women love rings – large, small, fine or bulky, simple or with jewelry, real gold and diamonds or jewelry. It is impossible to stop looking at how amazing they look on my hands, and sometimes even legs. But because there are so many ways to wear the ring.

You can wear one ring on his hand, or ten, several on one finger, and combining them reaching this chic. You can wear the rings on one or all five fingers, at the base of the fingers or closer to the tips.

Classic style – the one ring on one finger or two rings on the two, but this style is now out of trend. Huge diamonds really are not in fashion. It is possible to Express yourself by means of rings, but not by a single ring. The modern way to wear rings is to wear them a lot at once, and let the ring speak for themselves, and you can use them to create a conversation with others that are often difficult.

You have to play with forms, colors, textures and other General characteristics of the rings. Rings can be in the form of spirals, swirls and chain – use all. Small rings look better at the moment, since they are easier to combine with each other or removed from the image in accordance with what you want to achieve. Silver and bronze are the most fashionable, but the gold today goes by the wayside.


Ring on the middle finger (MIDI rings)

кольца на середине пальцевYou don’t necessarily need to wear a ring at the base of the fingers or only on one finger. An interesting and fun alternative is to wear it on the middle finger, it is so fashionable today and adds zest to your appearance. It looks new and cool, and this is a new stylish trend. In addition, it visually lengthens your fingers, focusing on the hands, especially if your nails are painted a beautiful Polish.


Ring, covering the finger

кольца, охватывающие палецThey look especially great on your little finger. Stunning contemporary style ring that fits on your finger and covering it. Katy Perry was recently spotted with a ring in a similar style, and it looked just magical, in a literal sense. As if her ring was from a futuristic movie.


Rings on multiple fingers

кольца для нескольких пальцевWho said that the one ring must be only on one finger? Modern rings can span multiple fingers, being silver or dark colors, often with precious stones or pearls placed at the ends. This is a great way to Express yourself, although it can be a bit awkward to move freely with your fingers. It may take some time to get used to such rings, but they are certainly some of the most beautiful and spectacular.


The rings on the knuckles

кольца на костяшках пальцевThe best way to wear rings these days is so that they are right on the knuckles in the middle or at the base of the fingers, extending their kind. While MIDI rings are in the upper part of the joints, the rings on the knuckles

close the joint. They look very interesting and, of course, able to make a statement about its owner today.


Open (unclosed) ring

незамкнутые кольцаRing with open space in front, decorated with precious stones on the ends and covering half of the finger are quite nice and original, especially because they can be combined with each other in a small group with some gaps. It’s hard to go wrong with these gorgeous decorations.


Ring with chains

кольца с цепочкамиThere’s something quite interesting in a thin chain connecting the two rings on one finger, one at its base and one in the middle of the finger. It adds character to the composition, especially if the chain of shiny material. For women who love these rings, but I want more elegance in the way, this is probably the best way to wear jewelry on your fingers.

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