Leather, which made our shoes, оббивка the car interior, furniture and so, in some sense reminds coat. In the basis of skin lie proteins, and fats and water, which support its softness and elasticity. Over time, the concentration of these substances is becoming less and then the skin loses its former appearance, becomes hard and cracks. Besides, in the process of exploitation, leather products, not seldom damaged and even small scratches can cause serious aesthetic damage to the product. However, these problems are not the verdict and can often be eliminated.
Реставрируем кожу своими руками2
Tools and materials for restoration of the skin buy easy enough to specialized Internet resources, or furniture or construction hypermarkets. Basically, for a layman, repair small cuts, abrasions and holes. For these purposes, layperson may need to glue for these types of damages, special paints and special means for the pretreatment before painting. In some cases, apply special «reducing agents», who are directly resolve minor damage, however, to perform work with these funds must be used with great caution, as they are not suitable for all types of leather goods.

Before carrying out restoration work, the working surface should be properly prepared. For this skin be cleaned with warm water or specialized detergents. After that, the cleaned surface is degreasing, then covered with means to improve adhesion and resistance put paint.

To solve minor damage, apply a thin layer of glue on edges of a cut, immediately remove the excess, and then quickly connect edges and keep a firm hold for 1-2 minutes. After gluing, by necessity, are painted.

Restoration cracked or worn skin involves the use of special adhesives with fillers. Applies with special paints for giving to the original color. Requires drying within 3-5 hours and the subsequent polishing.
Реставрируем кожу своими руками
The final stage of any type of restoration is handling special protective equipment that will replenish the skin lack of substances «washed» as a result of the preparatory works.

Article publication date: November 27, 2013

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