Get closer to nature in the truest sense of the word. Walk in the Park, go on a weekend outside the city, the more you walk, finally! Let the world car-free day happy September 22 – nothing prevents you personally to carry out his weekly! It helps to strengthen immunity of body and spirit and, therefore, reduces the sensitivity to weather and dependence on it.

Don’t hide from the weather. Yes, try to accept and love all, “what the future will bring! Outside the window, drumming rain? Excellent – slightly open the window, breathing in the fresh, humid air. And how good it can be to walk the misty autumn morning through the alleys of the old Park, covered with Golden leaves…

Imagine SYNOPTIC map, that displays the weather on earth (by the way, the word “SYNOPTIC” is translated from Greek as “seeing together”). See: not everywhere the sky is covered with clouds is the sun. Tomorrow is “clear” and “cloudy” may be swapped. Philosophical attitude will help you safer to accept the vagaries of the weather and become a more balanced person.

Build yourself a shelter. Comfortable armchair, a fluffy blanket, a beautiful Cup of hot chocolate, a fascinating detective story or a breathtaking lady’s novel… If you have such a place, any weather disasters you would! And the mood will lift the bowl with gay-colored asters or funny drawings of children.

Appreciate any weather. “It will be cold? This is bad: you have to postpone the hike to ski. But, you can invite friends”. Ideally, any forecast should cause joy, except, of course, natural disasters.

Spoke about the weather just fine. Try a week every day, looking out the window, with the sense to say: “Horror, darkness, hate.” And then, too, the week – sincerely saying, “Oh, beautiful morning!” And feel the difference!

“Listen to us, so the weather is always bad… We will be unhappy as long as each of us will not make their own weather and individually to use it,” skeptical claimed Jerome K. Jerome. But maybe we should try… to achieve this? In fact, we make the weather – not only outside, but also in life.

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