The classic style of dress is fashionable. He conquers his extravagance and simplicity. Such clothing ideal for special events, and for everyday wear.

No exception – wedding outfits that offer modern designers. A vivid example of the classical model is wedding dresses in Greek style gained popularity among modern beauties.
Свадебные платья Ампир - это простота и экстравагантность1
Trendy silhouette, the original finish and the cut will emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages of custom shapes. As a rule, dresses have an open cleavage and suitable for brides who want to show the beauty of the neck, hand and bust line. Modern designers complete model straps or strap, generating a new image. Dresses are waisted that gives a certain amount of comfort and convenience. Wide belt, decorated with ornaments or lace insert, accentuates the waistline.

Model dresses have a long flowing skirt that will add to the growth of gymnastics. But high ladies should not exclude myself in this outfit. Dresses in the Empire style successfully harmonize the silhouette. Special charm to them adds train, which happens to be modest or Royal.

The color of the dress predominantly white, beige and pastel tones. But now meet and daring design solutions that offer dress in bright color.
To the wedding dress, of course, you must choose an appropriate hairstyle. Harmoniously blended hair, spit or fine weave. Adornment for the hair can serve as a wreath, fresh flowers or tiaras. These accessories with dignity complement hair and accentuate the unique image.
Свадебные платья Ампир - это простота и экстравагантность2
Dress Empire is a popular model among potential brides, although not a new invention in fashion. The embodiment of tenderness and romanticism, classics and elegance will resonate in the soul of each lady, regardless of age, tastes and prejudices.

Article publication date: November 11, 2013

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