свадебный французский маникюрFrench manicure for the wedding image chose, and they will choose, regardless of fashionable trends. It is run independently, does not require a lot of time and effort, and is always appropriate and universally. What would dress chose a woman for the wedding, she can always be sure that the wedding French manicure will not look heavy, and only add to the beauty of the image of the bride. But even the French can be very multifaceted, because it’s already been released beyond the canons in the form of pastel basis with a white tip.


Classic French with rhinestones

This is the most simple and elegant interpretation of the wedding French manicure, suitable to any length. Very impressive such nails look with increasing when the white tip is great, thick. Similar to the French will not require any extra effort, if the use of artificial false nails, that the bride can fix yourself or referring to the help of friends. Stones, crystals or other decorative items can also already be included in the design of artificial nail.

Classic elegant French on a long nail, which is decorated with rare small crystals, ideal girls who have chosen a simple dress.


Jacket with a metal tip

Metallic became unexpected favorite wedding fashion, finding its niche both in clothes and in manicure. Once the metal design was considered for this romantic holiday cold and inappropriate, besides, many found it too common. But he did not become such if the metal use to a minimum and in the framework of classical French. Wedding manicure French manicure with the tip with metal glow can be done using adhesive sticker or appropriate varnish, using insulating plates with the subsequent removal. Basis in such a manicure preferable matte white which effectively sets off the shining metal, not leaving him unnoticed.


Floral jacket

Floral motifs in manicure for a wedding is not necessarily molding or ornate carvings, which is difficult to do on your own. You can bring a creative approach towards an elegant French manicure, diversifying its clarity delicate floral lines that resemble the petals.

Simple and original variant of such French is an imitation of a Bud of a Tulip, which is all the nail plate. For this purpose you need only to paint the nail in pink color, and then separate the tip shaped sticker-plate, signifying the carved edge.

Another option is to create from the tip of the petals, which are easy to draw on their own when «full of pictures on the nails of his hand. Nails in such a manicure, you should leave transparent, and the tips – matte, white, or pink.


Lace French manicure

Lace wedding dress looks amazing in tandem with the elegant decor of the nail, which also involve a tiny lace, as on the whole the nail, and at its tip. White tip you can make the first direct, as in the classic jacket, and then пририсовать miniature rings. You can use a template or sticker is much easier.

French manicure in its original version for a wedding is perfectly combined with lace motifs on the nail plate. Better if lace will not перекрикивать tip, but will remain thin gossamer, which is framed by a broad white streak.


Colored wedding French manicure

Color has long ago become a required component for everyday French, remaining inaccessible to the wedding, but now it’s possible. The tips of the nail plates can be of different shades, for example, saturated red, tender turquoise and any other. Apart stands colorful wedding French, in which the combined radiance, that it is possible to realize on the nail with plain lacquer-глиттера with high content of glitter.

Having decided to stay at the wedding French manicure try not to overdo it with the design. Let your manicure be truly French, not distract attention from the stylish contrast tip excessive surround decor and a Shine.

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