Every woman in the most important day in his life, wants to look their most beautiful. Clothing is of course a very important argument, but without makeup even the most beautiful dress loses its appeal. We are talking about the wedding makeup, making him, even the most ugly Cinderella will turn into a Princess (though there are no ugly women).
Свадебный макияж — важная вещь для девушек
When choosing makeup master should consider the outline of the face, eye color, skin color and all the little nuances. Also when applying make-up, should be taken into account that the bride will take pictures and videos. Wedding make-up should be done by professional master such as this. He will choose exactly what you need. The bride must not look vulgar, and Vice versa of course, but very beautiful. The most important thing to wedding make-up was water-resistant, because during the wedding, she can blush, dancing, or to sweat, all this should not be seen.

Свадебный макияж — важная вещь для девушек2

We will try to show you some of the nuances of Wedding make-up. Need to clean the face from fat and tone creams. Apply a moisturizer when your skin is dry, or Vice versa cream oily skin.

Spahnicom apply the makeup and then a thin layer of cream Foundation, and distribute it all over the surface of the face. The Foundation must match the type and color of your face.
Свадебный макияж — важная вещь для девушек4
We must pay attention if you are on the face there are dark spots or dark circles under your eyes, you have all this disguise. Bruises can be hidden using more dense special cream to mask the bruising and pillows under her eyes. It must be applied with the fingers or sponge not rubbing it in, but just britmovie slightly. Stains on the face of the girl is possible to cover the creams, if they are slightly expressed, and if they are visible, then use special camouflage pencil. Having done all this, we must cover the face of the powder.
Свадебный макияж — важная вещь для девушек3

Uneven eyebrows can spoil any makeup, align them with the help of a pencil. The eyes are the mirror of the soul of man, so they should be stressed in particular. More beautiful it will look natural makeup, but it also depends on skin type to use for this we have gold, silver and pearl shade. But those shadows have to be careful, because if you have bulging eyes, it will not work, so if a professional makeup artist, he knows about this and can advise you what is the best shades to choose.

Lips should not be bright, but the tone of his eyes, they should look tenderly and expressive. Wedding make-up depends on the time of year.

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