свадебный маникюр 2013Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding, and the ideal is evident even in the most minute detail. One of them is the wedding manicure. He should be given special attention because of the hands of the bride in this remarkable day, all eyes will be glued. What are the trends in your wedding manicure 2013?

Wedding fashion has always been a slightly more conservative than fashion pret-a-porter for everyday wear. But every year, designers, stylists, makeup artists, and other masters related to the industry, introducing the image of the bride new transformation. Wedding manicure is one of those, as each new season on nails girls in wedding dresses, new designs, reflecting both the current fashion trends and unique spirit of this solemn day. Wedding manicure 2013 is a great proof of that.


The main trends of wedding manicure 2013

Fashionable wedding manicure remains gentle, keeping pastel colors as the basis of the image of the bride, respects canons and adhering to the minimalistic style. But these foundations gradually пошатываются that you can easily observe the latest trends expressed in Gothic, emo, neon manicure who can afford to fans of the non-conformist tendencies in everyday life. Wedding manicure 2013 is not a riot of colors or экстрадлина, and, first of all, the shining, expressed in trends metallic, mother-of-pearl spraying and applying the sparkles in the technique of degrade or Ombre.


For romantic brides

For romantic natures stylists offer different variations of the French manicure. It is recommended to decorate nails decorative lace, that looks delicious, fully fit into the trends in wedding fashion 2013. Soft version of French manicure can be done differently. You can go to the salon, where the master of manicure decorate your nails lace, securing it a specially formulated gel.

Another version can be performed at home. Put on nails base of white, beige or light-pink shade. Using acrylic brush create a figure similar to the texture lace, after that fix manicure transparent coating.

Romantic Princess will want to decorate your nails with the help of the crystals, creating true «jewelry» nails. You will need a thin brush, varnishes and crystals of any size. Put on nails base varnish neutral tint, then a colourless varnish. Wait until it dries up, then gently tighten the crystals as you tell imagination. It is a beautiful classical solution for the wedding, which will allow you to look luxurious, giving your character a touch of Hollywood glamour.


Decoration of wedding manicure

In addition to the rocks and the lace wedding manicure you can decorate with special stickers with prints in Baroque and Rococo, geometric patterns. But be careful, because the excess of the decorations on the nails can get a manicure tasteless and cheap. Take it seriously.


Practical and elegant manicure

Some brides prefer elegant simplicity and practicality. In this case, stylists recommend to pay attention to new trends in the French manicure, which is performed with the help of colored varnish. Classic French manicure is performed on the basis of two colors – light pink, and beige. Further, the choice may depend on personal preferences of the bride and the shade of her dress. New French manicure can be performed using a shellac, not forgetting the traditional white tip.


New jacket

French manicure with his pink or beige basis and contrasting white tip is a classic not only for everyday and business, but also for wedding design of nails. New seasons bring about changes in the wedding French manicure, which can be as concise and gentle, and groundbreaking, bold, powerful look.

New variations of French for a wedding is the use is not white, and, for example, black tip. Black combines perfectly with the pastel pink, forming a combination of not less canonical than black-and-white or white with beige and pink. Most often, wedding manicure is offered not direct a clear tip, designed, for example, with imitation of lace. Very popular in 2013 nail decoration in the French style, where the tips are decorated with lacquer in the form of flower petals, for example, gentle Tulip.


Caviar manicure

Caviar manicure burst into fashion in 2012 thanks to the now famous English Marche Ciate. Then he found a use mainly in everyday manicure, when girls experimented with pleasure, enjoying so simple and so the original three-dimensional decor. In 2013 the eggs decorate nails brides as a whole, and selectively, for example, only one nail. Those who prefer brevity pretentiousness, can apply for a lacquered eggs only the tip or only the base of the nail, to scatter them nail rare beads, introducing them in another nail decoration, for example, if they already have a floral pattern.


Metal manicure

Metallic in Vogue recently changed its interpretation. If you have attended your wedding manicure bunch of mother-of-pearl metallic, silver or gold with an exquisite pearl glory, but in 2013 replaced the original style of cold metal. You can easily create as usual coating of lacquer in one coat, and with the help of labels for nails. Metal manicure for a wedding is perfect – it does not require much time and effort it easy to do yourself. If the bride does not want to decorate all his nails of gold or silver, it can also single out one nail for each hand. In this case, silver and gold in manicure will be supplemented jewelry on her neck and arms.


Lace manicure

Lace – a real hit 2013, who found themselves in all aspects of fashion, including wedding. What could be more natural, more beautiful, appropriate and relevant in 2013 than nails bride adorned with delicate lace motifs?

If you’re a fan of pastel colors like classic wedding nail дизана, select grid white lace on the nails beige or pink shade. For the more adventurous brides, young fashion, or even an adept emo style will suit black lace on a pink background. If in the image are colored accessories, nails arrange accordingly: color Foundation looks fine with climbing frame of the subtlest white lace.


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