If you think that wedding manicure – least pay attention to the guests at a wedding, you are mistaken. This day is especially important at every detail and beautiful neat nails is no exception. Besides, to your hands with the new ring will be attracted much attention. But perhaps you missed the opportunity to find a professional in this business. Find a cosy restaurant, invited guests, ordered a photographer in Ostankino Media Group reviews everybody have already read, even hairstyle choose, but about the nails forgotten. Do not worry unnecessarily. This can be overcome and at home.

Советы по свадебному маникюру

As we all know, it is best to undertake such a procedure with the morning, before the event. Otherwise there is a risk that the varnish is a little messed up for the night and turn a happy morning in the catastrophe. Someone will say that morning, and it’s not enough time, but sure time will be too little, either in the morning and before bed, so you must do everything as it should be.

Советы по свадебному маникюру 2

It is best to start with giving nails the form that will fit your image. Do not forget that it must also fit the type of your nails and fingers. This is best done with the help of manicure nail files. Remember that the nails also need care and before colouring it is necessary to apply a moisturizer. You can also make the tub with warm soapy water: add some softening oil and hold it in her hand a few minutes. After this you can remove the cuticle. Next, you should apply some cream, then begin polishing. Always remove any remnants of the cream means for removing nail Polish. Only now it is possible to cover the nail plate first layer of varnish – basic. Apply varnish base color, dry and apply it again. Also do not forget about the existence of special glossy coatings, which fix nails.

Article publication date: October 30, 2013

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