свадебный маникюрTo be the most beautiful on her wedding day, you don’t dress Princess and do luxurious hair to attract attention to the face. But, how do you about hands and your wedding manicure, which will be decorated with a wedding ring?

Your wedding day you’ll be the center of attention. Cameras will be constantly upon you. Lenses tend to linger on his hands in the solemn moment of the exchange of rings and endorsing. For this reason обкусанные, broken or yellowed nails will become your best decoration. You need a wedding manicure, but not only to hide small imperfections on the nails. He can perfectly complement your outfit and hairdo.

Images and options wedding manicure significantly changed since came into Vogue nail art with its nontrivial solutions for the nails. However, as before, there are girls who prefer not to attract too much attention to their nails and save yourself the long-term visiting masters on manicure, creating three-dimensional shining song instead of the usual short tunic.

Right and those and others. Beautiful wedding manicure is not necessarily weird and amazing. It can be quite noticeable, including white-pink French style, shielding silky skin well-groomed hands. But if you really want to do the unthinkable nail design, then why not? Everyone who appreciates originality of the image of the bride, will choose an unusual wedding manicure, photo gallery, which is always a vast and varied.

If you only plan to choose the variant of design their nails, but do not know what to focus on, you can see the wedding manicure, photos of which are widely represented in the Internet. Which style you prefer in everyday life, do your nails to build specifically for the wedding, whether you want to stay on the laconic classical or do their nails focus of General attention – all this will become a starting point for choosing the image of your nails to the most solemn day in your life.


Manicure for the wedding is what he is

Preparing for her wedding, you can choose, what you want to do a manicure yourself or seek the massage salon. In the first case, you will need to perform all of the same steps you would with a regular manicure, starting with hand mask and finishing varnish for the nails. If you decide to seek the services of a professional, will have a wide choice of wedding manicure.

First and foremost experts offer brides classic French manicure that is very popular. It allows the bride to be beautiful, and stay smart. If your nails are very thin and fragile, exfoliate, you can offer to use artificial nails. If your nails are long and in good condition, you can choose a simple varnish, and beige, pastel pink or transparent for a natural look. For those who want to extravagance, fit the original bright colors or prints that can be applied by using labels.


Styles of wedding manicure

Before the wedding should take care of your hands, because they will have attention. On this day all want to see the ring, and you, of course, too, want to show it. So plan manicure in advance to your wedding day perfect look.

The classic style. First of all, your nails should be clean and have a neat shape. Classic style manicure for a wedding involves the use of white, light pink varnish or shade of the eggshell. Other options classics: plum, red, coral, light Magenta, which will also be the ideal solution for a wedding.

Acrylic nails. If for some reason you can’t grow their own nails, you can help set the artificial nail acrylic. Acrylic nails can be put every two weeks. But the drawback is that acrylic nails suffer their nails, therefore, to resort to acrylic need both rapid option manicure, and not for solution of nail problems. Dignity invoices acrylic nail art is the variety of forms and design.

The most beautiful wedding manicure assumes экстрадлину and three-dimensional design – many would say the girls. And would agree with them masters, who are used to perform a wedding manicure on graft nails. If a few years ago, at the dawn of the «zero» in fashion matte nails with acrylic basis, it is now definitely in favor of transparency, which fits perfectly in the style of the wedding.

Of the nails, you can perform the most complex design, involving the crystals, stones, sequins, sculptural modeling, lace – within reason, of course. In any case, this version shows the girls who are ready to do their nails object of universal admiration, especially if they will be supplemented transparent jeweller ornaments or similar in style decorative elements of the wedding dress.

Beautiful wedding manicure on natural nails, which do not differ in length, may look no less effectively. It is best not to overload their severe design, and staying on the natural colours that are elegantly complemented with jewelry elements or lace motifs. The easiest way is to paint the nails in light beige or cream-pink tint, add to the base of the little glow with small rhinestones and decorate the one nail on hand lace print. Despite the variety, this manicure will not pretentious, and fraught with unobtrusive elegance jacket.

French manicure for the wedding continues to surprise diversity, which previously had only guess. For example, in the fashion of the French Vice versa, that is, is not the tip of the nail and its base, and not a cold shade of a varnish, and three-dimensional sequins. Lights can add as a separate dry «dust»and varnish glitter, more simple in application.

Black and white French for a wedding is one of the innovations in manicure. Previously, black was at this festival of bad manners, but things changed, and bold black tip from light stressful zone nail can be separated shiny strip fits in with the image of the bride, complementing other accessories.

Moderately long natural or extended nails, you can perform an interesting manicure, who by their way of applying has much in common with traditional jacket. Tip it is not dull and monotonous, and a shiny and style Ombre. Sequins can be gold, silver or multi-coloured.

Manicure at the wedding can be a continuation of the bride dresses, if nail design will repeat the style fabrics wedding attire. You can use special stickers or seek the help of a professional. Even greater originality nails will give imitation rings, which completes the image, and manicure out entirely adapted to the occasion, no surprises and fashion fad.

If the bride wears sandals or shoes with open Cape, she should take care that the wedding manicure and pedicure were executed in the same style. Of course, no one insists on a shape modeling on tips of fingers, but elegant French French manicure or bright plain lacquer perfectly complement the style.


Professional manicure

If you are going to make natural manicure for a wedding, you should be professionally take care of nails several months before the wedding. Once or twice a month visit masters on manicure, which will result in the order of your hands and nails, and at the wedding, you’ll be more confident. Professional nail care will make them more beautiful and will help growth.

If you do not know of a good master of manicure, ask for advice from friends or acquaintances. In addition, make sure that the salon, in which you will do a wedding manicure, takes care of the hygiene and health of its customers that the procedure will be safe.


Quick solution for wedding manicure

French manicure is a classic of the genre as a wedding, and no other can not surpass it in terms of sophistication and elegance. Many fashion collection 2013 include options with the French manicure, including, and with artificial nails, so the choice here is quite wide.

Cone design. Length, form and details on nails – all must match your wedding image. Acute conical nail form may look very elegant, with a touch of vintage style and thin white patterns will give your nails a truly unique look.

Black and white manicure has become a popular wedding trend, and many brides and their girlfriends, choose it in order to give zest to his image.

The details. In addition to the voluminous detail on the nails, such as pearls, hearts, crystals, you can decorate them in a special way, forcing Shine manicure. If you choose a metal details for wedding nail art, make sure that they are well fit into the image.

White nail art looks very nice on any wedding, and also doing well in photos. To make the way even more individual, you can get your masters on manicure, make a drawing, which is combined with the texture of your wedding dress.

Simple wedding manicure. Nails at the wedding need not be extravagant. You can use a transparent shining varnish, decorating nail-art nail on the finger with a wedding ring that not only looks nice, but it also attracts attention to the decoration, emphasizing the importance of this day.

Pearl lucky not to have excessive glory, but it shines so very popular among brides. Choose a shade that is best suited for your skin tone and color of the dress, for the most harmonious image.

«Bouquet» design. There is no such rule, according to which the bride must have pastel colours of nails. Take the wedding bouquet design and decorate nails floral pattern, which comes to him.

Shining nails. If you like to look like a Princess, add the magic of the brilliance of his nails on your wedding day. Glitter in combination with classic French manicure looks very elegant and feminine.


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