свадебный маникюр на короткие ногтиTo make a beautiful manicure on their wedding day, not necessarily to apply to the salon for a build-up, which not everyone is comfortable and not all like that. Beautiful wedding manicure short nails can anything not to give a luxurious long типсам, with the only exception that the short nails should not create crazy designs with lots of stones and other volumetric details.

If you decide to make wedding manicure on short nails, you need to decide whether you want, that he was a noticeable or you are satisfied with the classic cheesy French with thin white tips. If the French style you seem uninteresting, and beautiful design I want to try, you can stop, for example, on a bright or dark manicure. When choosing the right color use your own taste, current fashion trends and decoration of the wedding dress. In 2013 in fashion mint, coral, blue nail Polish, which are able to fit perfectly in the style of celebration. Unexpectedly into the list of favorites for the wedding manicure burst black color, which last year could afford only the most hardened of nonconformists or fearless bride, who wanted to make a modicum of outrageous on your wedding day. But now the black color permanently adhere to the nails and, fortunately, and the surprise of most, he looks very sad and very stylish.


Nails in the style nude

свадебный маникюр на короткие ногтиNudity on nails hardly ever goes out of fashion, because complexions, called nude, associated with d touching and helplessness. Short fingernails very easily decorate this varnish, allowing it to be the basis for a wedding manicure. If you do not want your nails to look boring, offers varnishes-glitters, easy-to give radiance one nail on the finger. More often for these purposes choose unnamed that fits wedding ring.


Lace romance

свадебный маникюр на короткие ногтиLace nails decorate very easy if you have a special sticker or stencil, through which is applied to the finest lace thread. To decorate nails lace not need the length – even very short fingernails with imitation of lace on their wedding look gorgeous. Basis may be as bright color and pastel.


A variety of classics

свадебный маникюр на короткие ногтиShort nails can successfully take on rhinestones and drawings, if they look rather modestly so as not to overload the image of the bride. Elegant manicure is not only French. Nails can paint in white, one or two nail issue, for example, diagonal stripes, fixing the perfection of large stones or small crystals.


Glitter Ombre

свадебный маникюр на короткие ногтиDecoration of nail varnish-глиттерами like the style of French manicure mixed with traditional coating nail pearlescent paint. The глиттеров larger sequins than pearl coating, so for the wedding this manicure more beautiful and expressive. And what sequins are concentrated in the area of the tip and disagree gracefully down, gradually редея adds dynamics manicure, which is needed, if the nails lack length.


Color Ombre

свадебный маникюр на короткие ногтиStyle Ombre or degrade may appear not only within one finger, but also of the entire arm. If the bride prefers color manicure she could stop at the decoration of each finger different shades of the same color, which from the thumb to the pinky is growing.


Metal willow pattern

свадебный маникюр на короткие ногтиShort fingernails can paint a light matte color hue, and the top thin willow pattern. Looks very impressive silver, which allegedly caused by using spraying with smooth color base.


Grey with pink

свадебный маникюр на короткие ногтиGrey surprisingly rarely use in your wedding manicure. It is considered only rarely, for example, if you want to do nail art for the wedding on short nails, because he doesn’t pay glance at length. Grey in any shade is perfectly combined with pink, so if you have short nails and have pink in decor attire, it manicure may work for you. To diversify his «ignorance» on the nails can be with gold beads, set in the middle of the base of the nail plate.


Black wedding manicure

свадебный маникюр на короткие ногтиShort fingernails decided to decorate with bright local or dark shades of paint. But who would have thought that for a wedding manicure will be popular black color! Daring, glossy black perfectly combined with shining of metallic silver and gold, which are represented as the cold metal version and in the form of pastes or sequins.

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