свадебный маникюр своими рукамиBefore the wedding the girls are prepared to stand in front of the guests the most beautiful, romantic princesses in lush dresses or elegant brides. Most of these are completely trust your image of experts, referring to the help of stylists, make-up, a hairdresser, masters of manicure and pedicure. But not everyone is ready for this, moreover, not everyone has the opportunity, and even the desire to invest in reliable hands of professionals. For example, many brides choose to do wedding manicure with their own hands.

If you are one of those women who make the choice in favor of independent manicure for the most important day, then you have to think ahead. Do not try to execute the complex of nail art. This can be grim – something not work and you will lose a lot of time and eventually be left without beautiful manicure or will be forced to urgently seek a wizard that creates it. To your attention are offered variants of the classic wedding manicure in a minimalist style, as well as simple solutions for the bride as stickers or fake nails, already incorporating the design.



Do not forget that manicure not only jewelry, nail, and first of all – manicured hands with soft leather without burrs and наросшей cuticle. Hands care should begin within a few weeks before the wedding, because only then can you create a beautiful manicures, even if he is quite simple.

At least one month buy cosmetic range of treatments for hands and nails. It must contain cream, mask and scrub that will effectively cleanse the skin of the hands of dead skin particles, nourish and moisturize it. Protect the skin of hands from the sun, especially if you are prone to the formation of pigment spots. All funds should contain SPF of at least 30. Not worth before the wedding walk on the beach or in the Solarium, then to not detect ugly облезания skin.

Before performing nail design make распаривающую the tub with a spoon of lemon juice for 10-15 minutes. Then treat skin and nail region scrub gently wash it off and apply to cuticle cream for softening. After a few minutes, gently push the cuticle orange stick and try to clean off her. Wash your hands carefully wipe, if necessary, clean nails gentle means varnish remover for the best coupling with a new manicure.


Decorating nails

Wedding manicure at home involves simplicity and time savings. For this reason, it is appropriate to focus either on a classic French style or on nails painted a uniform shade of a varnish nude or use improvised means to facilitate the creation of a beautiful nail design. The latter include nail sticker and stencils, which you create stunning manicure in a matter of minutes.


Elegant wedding classics

The easiest option wedding manicure with his hands – this cover with a colourless transparent varnish that it is acceptable for girls, who do not have extensive experience in nail art. The elegance of the French manicure is easily created using adhesive strips, which separates the area of the tip of the necessary thickness and painted. And in a plain, and in the clear, and in the French manicure in pastel colours nails you can politely issue rhinestones that are planted on the glue, and carefully applied with tweezers. If nails are long, you can decorate the area of the tip, if short – only basis or the stressful part.

Varnishes with mother-of-pearl glow remain popular for self manicure, but they are replaced luxury glitters, varnishes with a colored base and sequins. One layer of the varnish can, remaining perfectly smooth, create a three-dimensional effect manicure. You can choose how transparent basis, and a color or even black, comprising large gold or silver sequins.


The variety of designs quickly and simply

Nail sticker and screen forms will beautify your nails at the wedding of the most unimaginable ways. Decide what suits you best.

If you want to just stick on nails ready sticker with a pattern and stay, it offers a wide choice of stickers. They may be standard flat, they should be pasted on a nail in one motion, gently and evenly, cutting off the extra zone in the form of a nail plate, and for elegant wedding manicure is offered stickers with crystals or stickers decals, attached to the already painted transparent or colored lacquer nails.

If you do not want to be limited to designs that are offered in an assortment of stickers and soul designates the creation and experiments, buy some set of stencils. With their help you can easily decorate your nails straight patterns, butterflies, flowers, lace motifs and even inscriptions. Use stencils very simply – it is necessary to impose them exactly on the nail, paint the clipping area of a varnish, wait until dry and gently remove the template, which will remain clear picture.

Play it safe and do not plan to make a wedding manicure with their hands at the last moment without preliminary training. Start a few weeks before the day «x» to try different styles manicure, and you will learn what you can, what does not, what is the best additions wedding attire. Perhaps you decide to do a wedding manicure with their hands, and refer to the help of a professional. If not, go ahead – be patient, try, experiment, and you will succeed.

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