похудение и психологияExcess weight is largely due to psychological warehouse rights. In the end, our mind is the main instrument through which a person can lose weight and for a long time to maintain the achieved results. Weight loss and psychology – subconscious attitude to consumption of food is the most important, followed by all the rest. Weight loss begins and ends in our minds.

With the right mental attitude you on the shoulder any diet. Unfortunately, a common feature, uniting 65% «диетчиков», which re-gaining weight after a year and 85% of those who return to the basics for five, is unhealthy саморазрущающая mindset. What this really means is that these people are just not used to thinking like people with normal weight, their thoughts are irrational, and that they impede effective changes in their lives.

Emotional preparation

To more thoroughly investigate the the psychology of weight loss first of all, we should start with the emotional readiness for the upcoming changes. Understanding and the full realization of the internal dialogue that it is equally important for those who are afraid to change something in their lives and for those who are ready to fundamental and long-term change. Our choices determine the most profound and the most cherished desire, and the path to a healthier and happier life is through recognition and the opening of these desires. Work on the body, an indication of the weight on the scales or jeans one size smaller – all of this is meaningless without work on consciousness, above the motivation and understanding what you really want to achieve.

Self-control and self-discipline play a very important role in the psychological aspect of getting rid of excess weight. Experts recommend to have a «food diary», these records will help you analyze what makes you eating what you eat and what portions, products brands are using and so on. Control of his own thoughts, mood, quality of sleep, appetite, and behavior is very important.

To get rid of extra pounds and establish a strong motivation, first of all, you need to understand that it is psychologically makes us feel appetite and turn to harmful food or to large amounts of food.

Imagine that you see a tempting piece of cake in the cupboard. Do you think this is just a piece of cake, but nothing serious. Besides for me today was a bad day, and I deserve something delicious. A person may think or otherwise, but in any case it will be counterproductive and wrong thoughts. The consequences of what you ate the piece of cake, is a feeling of guilt and distress.

Strengthening of muscles of resistance» or «muscle surrender» is largely determined by the thoughts of man. Healthy weight loss is a dialogue with them, every skeptical thought that undermines your motivation must follow a logical, rational, increasing motivation to reply.

For example, you think that the feeling of satiety is good, and hunger is bad. «I don’t feel bad if not eat this, I would be worse if I eat this» or « I either in control of the situation, either spread the things slide» or «Yes, I know that already eat a while ago, but I’m dying of hunger». Change this to something like, « Yes, I am, but this does not mean that I should have».

Destructive thought «I can’t stand the feeling of hunger, it’s just terrible the» replace «Yes, it is unpleasant, but this can be overcome..» and the feeling of hunger retreat.

Weight loss, primarily prevents cognitive distortion of the situation: «I have to eat what I want and when I want».

Psychological correction

Psychological correction, accompanying the physical process of weight loss is to change consciousness of a person, you have to learn to think like a person with normal weight.

It is very important to understand the following points:

  • Разграничьте concepts of hunger and desire to eat
  • Train your ability to resist the feeling of hunger and strong desire to eat something
  • Experience the satisfaction without tamping stomach is full
  • Ask someone close to control the amount of food
  • Find ways to ignore, and the rest, without resorting to food
  • Don’t let errors undermine your confidence
  • Do not think about justice restrictions do not compare your diet so that eat other
  • Don’t give up, and try to save the result for as long as possible.

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