Bouquet of flowers will always be desirable and appropriate gift for women of all ages and of all positions and professions. This gift will never get bored and flowers, is never enough. But in order to not get trapped» need to know what flowers, in which situation to give.
Желанный подарок для всех женщин
Of course, the culture of bouquets in Russia and European countries and the USA differs, for example, flowers to Astrakhan and flowers in Berlin give the same, but their combination and color vary considerably. The main difference is the number of flowers in a bouquet, if we have accepted to give an odd number, the Europeans and Americans prefer to give bouquets of 6 and 12 colors. Also controversial is yellow in colour, but we are in no case it is impossible to give a close loved one, as it symbolizes the separation, and «abroad», yellow color means wealth. While China is not accepted to give bouquets of white flowers. Therefore, when choosing a bouquet for a foreigner, it is useful to examine the flowers of its home country.

A bouquet for congratulations business partner, it is best to order from a professional florist, because the flower must be original and symbolic. Depending on the date by which timed present, the shape and colour of a bouquet will be different, but always he must be impressive and memorable. By the way, do not forget to insert into a bunch of business cards.

But when choosing flowers for the beloved, every man is guided in its preferences on your taste. And finally some tips for choosing the bouquet.
Желанный подарок для всех женщин3
1. Do not give your girl a bouquet of nine colors – refers to «a friendly bunch.»
2. To date, give the girl a 1 a rose without thorns, this gift is not binding, and its value can be interpreted as «you’re my only».
3. Do not give older people bystrovozvodimye flowers.
4. You should not give the sisters, mothers, girlfriends roses dark red color, these flowers symbolize passion and only beloved one gives.

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