The common wisdom is that the elegance manicure gives the maximum length of the nail plate. In this regard, so popular the build-up procedure, which in turn greatly damages the structure of the nail. How would not be sparing components included in the composition of the material to build, they still don’t portend anything good with their constant contact with the natural nail plate. You should pay attention to the fact that no less feminine and much more aesthetically pleasing looks manicure performed on a short nail.
Маникюр на коротких ногтях – просто и красиво3
Quick manicure on natural nails also graceful and charming as Lanvin perfume. Fragrance Lanvin eau de toilette intoxicating and charming, as if an invisible shawl, made with incredible elegance. Awakens the memory of the romantic experiences and makes us fall in love again. Perfume Lanvin not Intrusive, but at the same time attracting attention and deserving of love already in the second century, since the discovery of the first fragrance.
маникюра для коротких ногтей 4
Manicured short nails are even the greatest decoration than not a natural eyelash. In addition a lot more advantages, and one of them is the significant saving of money, because the length correction and updating of artificial nail requires frequent visits to the specialist. Besides, the natural length of the nail gives complete freedom in doing household chores and daily work.
маникюра для коротких ногтей 3
Many options techniques design on short nails allows you to always look stylish and original. For example, a manicure with the effect of scent that represents a smooth transition from one shade to another, more light. Or a French manicure, a sample of timeless classics, is an example of simplicity and elegance.
It is worth to summarize, short nail can compete with accrued, but one should not forget about the care and timely updating of the manicure.

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