Agree, in all our lives our hands roll a lot of tests. This injury, and various household cuts, constant contact with the hostile environment and other negative factors affecting the health and beauty of your hands. But the man you can almost always accurately determine the age of a person, his social position and occupation. Therefore, to ensure that we remain healthy and beautiful, it is worth knowing what and how to affect their beauty and how to save.
Ухоженные руки как степень любви к себе3
So, even if you are not constantly in contact with chemicals, but simply a few times a day to wash dishes and mostly spend in the office, your hands are likely prone to dry skin. This condition of the skin when it looks like paper and the same unpleasant to the touch. These hands are hard to do something, especially to dress. Often women choose clothes and linen in soft, silk and other delicate textures. And to his own hands not to spoil lingerie, especially stockings are the most delicate items of female clothing, hand care should be daily, because dry hands are the most prone to the formation of burrs.
Ухоженные руки как степень любви к себе
To combat dry hands using only creams is not enough, because the cream moisturize only the superficial layers of the skin, without penetrating deep into her. Good not only moisturizing, but moisture-retentive agent is organic olive oil. Enough evening, apply it for 15 minutes on the skin. Who have very dry skin – you can leave for the night, wearing gloves. In winter, after the temperature difference (indoor heat, it’s cold outside), it is useful to do baths for hands with mineral water. Hot water should be diluted with mineral water until very warm, comfortable temperature and immerse in water received hands. After 15-20 minutes hands wet cloth and apply a good moisturizer or olive oil, and your hands in the morning will be grateful for your concern and care for them.

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