Caring for the skin is essential for every woman who wants to look your best and impress others with its elegant and refined way. Even the most beautiful, professional makeup and carefully selected designer outfit can fade when your hands look untidy and unkempt.
ухоженные руки как главная составляющая женского образа
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Skin care hand will help to preserve their beauty and attractiveness only if this procedure be performed daily. The impact of various adverse factors, such as too dry air, cold wind, low temperature and corrosive detergents, detrimental effect on the condition of the skin. Similar phenomena that accompany us every day, cause degreasing and dehydration.

Your contribution and improper diet. The lack of a daily menu of fresh vegetables, dairy products, eggs, meat, cheese, corn bread, fruits and vegetables cause of the lack of vitamins and nutrients. If the condition of the hands and nails leaves much to be desired, it is necessary to reconsider the mode and to worry about the fact that the body is getting enough protein and vitamins B, D, and iron and calcium.
ухоженные руки как главная составляющая женского образа2
Update the stratum corneum of the skin occurs after 30 days. To provide the necessary level of moisture and fat will help specialized cosmetics. Especially effective component is glycerol. He contributes additional hydration. Along with glycerin useful effect chamomile extract, essential oils and moisturizers, especially Shea butter and jojoba wax.

Don’t forget that skin care products should be applied on the entire exposed part of the skin. Each season has its own means to care, this sunscreen broad spectrum of action for the summer season and creams, protecting from cold, frost and wind in the winter.
Compliance with these simple tips will help to prevent drying and peeling delicate female hand and always look delicate and charming.

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