No woman in the modern world cannot do without manicure. After all, beautiful manicured nails and hands is an indicator of true femininity.

Of course, the manicure procedure it is advisable to trust the professionals to visit beauty salons. Besides, there in addition to this service, you can treat yourself and others to make trendy haircuts or painted eyebrows. But if the beauty salon no time you can manage on its own.
Ухоженные ручки – признак истинной леди2
Perfectly nourishes the skin and nourishes nails peeling. This procedure does not require special skills for its implementation will need two types of cream, any scrub and liquid soap. To start on the skin and fatty layer you want to apply moisturizer; after a couple of minutes to process handle scrub; then apply to the skin liquid soap (it is better to choose the cream soap, to make it a thicker consistency) and rinse everything with warm water and massage movements. After this procedure, the hands need not to wipe, wet towel or cloth and apply a nourishing cream.

For those who greatly increases the cuticle fit European version manicure (not trimmed), which is also not difficult to do at home. For this manicure you will need a tool to soften the cuticle and orange sticks (can be purchased at any store cosmetics). The tool is applied to the cuticle of each finger at a certain time (to be indicated on the package) and then gently removed with orange cuticle stick. For those who have a rough cuticle, to achieve a good result after several treatments.
Ухоженные ручки – признак истинной леди3
Don’t forget about the effectiveness baths with sea salt and olive oil. Sea salt helps to strengthen nails, and olive oil nourishes and softens the skin. These baths can be done daily for ten to fifteen minutes.

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