A woman has to be perfect in everything: hairstyle, closet, makeup and, of course, manicure. The last procedure in no event cannot be ignored! As once said Yanina Ипохорская: «Manicure advertising, pedicure is a pleasant surprise». Naturally, many ladies do a manicure yourself, however, from time to time to specialists in this question.
Ухоженные руки — это эталон красоты
Make Manicure on Michurinsky Avenue) and in many other places in Moscow. How not to get lost in all this diversity? A manicure is better to choose? Almost every lady once in my life asked these questions. So, what kinds of manicure exist?

Classic manicure

This is the most popular type of salon nail care among Russian women. Also called a «wet» or the edging. This is the most optimal procedure of nail care. Especially, if nails client are fuzzy condition.

Classic manicure begins with giving nails form, then the client hands down in a salt bath that helps to soften the cuticles. After the cuticle is removed by special tweezers, nail disinfected, and polished nail plate.

European manicure

This procedure is suitable for ladies who regularly visit manicure salons. The main instrument of the European manicure is an orange stick. No forceps and scissors. Cuticle during the European manicure is not clipped, and gently pulls away. During the procedure, there is no risk of infection.
Ухоженные руки — это эталон красоты2
There is also a hardware and spa-manicure, but it’s complex procedures, which include a number of additional services, nail care.

Well – groomed hands is the basis of style any ladies! Remember this always, and be great in any situation!

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