Whether it’s short nails or long, but they require professional care. Manicure can be done at home by yourself or use the services of a wizard, visit the beauty salon of your choice. This procedure is very important, because the hand of a woman should look perfectly, and it is, above all, the condition of the nail plate. In addition to the aesthetic goals of clients prosecuted and hygienic orientation – grown cuticle, rough skin, dust and dirt under the nails, as well as their structure. Wash thoroughly and cut regrown nail – this is half the battle. Correct, and most importantly, the symmetrical form of the nail with the application interesting figure is a beautiful addition to created the female form.
Ухоженные ногти всегда ловят взгляды3
To perform manicure will need a number of tools through which this process will be painless and as efficient as possible. These include: cleaning brush nail art, nail file, wooden sticks, tweezers, means for softening cuticles, several miniature scissors, liquid varnish remover, several colors of varnishes, cotton swabs, hand cream and a small towel. Using stencils for stamping, stamp for moving picture, and a scraper for removing excess paint, nail technician can create a very stylish manicure. Using these sets for a few minutes get a unique work, the perfection which never ceases to amaze clients of beauty salons.
Ухоженные ногти всегда ловят взгляды
What is called the ideal shape of the nails is a relative term. A young girl or a business lady, respectable lady or woman in the age – everyone has their own tastes and priorities for the vision of the shape of the nail plate. It also does not forget about the shape of the fingers, to get a balanced combination of two components is beautiful, and most importantly well-groomed hands.

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