In the modern world there are many ways of attracting attention to their nails. One of such ways is acrylic moulding. If you try to master acrylic nail design, you can easily make your nails a part of the image.
Ухоженные ногти - залог удачного образа4
The cost of a three dimensional design with acrylic on the nail plate will depend on the complexity of the pattern and quantity of consumed material. Also the cost depends on how many nails you want to run in the technique of sculpting.

If you want to create a unique atmosphere at home – make the repair with the decoration of walls and ceilings. A good option would be stucco, with which you will be able to create an ancient atmosphere. Buy furniture, set accents with textiles and accessories and don’t forget to find out the cost of stucco. And believe me, your home will be unique and izyskannym.
Ухоженные ногти - залог удачного образа6
Typically, acrylic moulding in my understanding is creating on the surface of the nail three-dimensional figures. This service is offered by almost all beauty salons that have a master of manicure. Acrylic is actually fine material, which is used by all the manicure.
How to create a masterpiece of acrylic on your nails?

The first is to prepare the nails for application modeling. For this purpose it is necessary to carefully handle the cuticles, apply a substrate made of acrylic (it will be the basis for three-dimensional shape). If girls long your nails, then you can decorate them by moulding.
Ухоженные ногти - залог удачного образа2
From the patterns remain popular and at the moment floral motifs. They feature bright colors, and to realize this idea is simple enough.

Then you must run the perforation. Not frozen drop of acrylic using a special brush, you need to press on the nail, which will change the shape of the drop is necessary.
Ухоженные ногти - залог удачного образа
After this is clearly work out all details of the image, to process the cuticle with special oil to cover the entire nail with a thin layer of acrylic. Upon completion of the need to correct the shape of the nail.

As a rule, all the nails are decorated with stucco only for special occasions: celebrations, anniversaries, weddings. In other cases, it is best to sculpt the original flower on short nails, but you can on one.

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