The company Shellac is famous in the world as a renowned manufacturer “treatment” of nail Polish. The company’s products are distributed throughout the world, including in Russia. Today, the manufacturer declares that begins the release of the therapeutic gel-Polish Shellac, which combines the best properties high-quality varnish and therapeutic gel against peeling nails.

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If you believe the manufacturer, the cost of each bottle of nail Polish will be no more than 4 dollars, which is quite acceptable for Russian customers. It should be noted that the composition of the gel-Polish is tosylamide. Almost all the bathroom furniture of stone covered with the same substance that retains its original shade of the surface for many years.

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Unlike “smart enamel”

The main difference gel-Polish Shellac from “the clever enamel” is that the first includes not only reducing substances (for recovery), but also the minerals of basaltic rocks, which create a natural Shine on the applied surface. Moreover, such a composition also acts as a restorative layer of varnish, so you can forget about exfoliation, pinholes. Simple acetone gel Polish to remove with nail will not work. To do this, use a solution of benzene (which will be separately sold under the auspices of Shellac). It should be noted that the solution of benzene can damage the furniture for the bathroom , if it is covered with a layer of tosylamide. Therefore it should be carefully cleaning substance when it is used.

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In the composition of the gel-Polish Shellac will include plasticizers class DBP, which give the lacquer elasticity and strength. The manufacturer also reports that these substances will be extracted from natural ingredients, namely, the camphor tree.

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