Stylish and striking contrasts – the main trend in nail area in the summer of 2015. What is fashion? The warm season offers fashion for naturalness. At the peak of popularity, transparent, Nude, pastel shades. Thus it is necessary to abandon the glittering, glamorous gloss. Nail art is the most stylish looks in Matt version.

By the way, the desire for naturalness and naturalness can be traced not only in manicure. Topical tattoo eyebrows are invited to perform barely darker than the color of your own curls. Dark grey and grey-brown version of permanent makeup apart from the competition. As for the form, it must match the type of appearance and features.
Модная тенденция - бархатный маникюр2
To create a harmonious and refined, is worth to put in order not only eyebrows, but also the handle. A great solution is classical French. Everlasting French manicure can be done even on short nails. Season summer 2015 offers to beat rectangular with soft, smooth, gently rounded contours and oval plate. Unnatural square and predatory, “cat” manicure is not in fashion today. It is necessary to abandon such decisions.

The most popular shades for the decoration of summer nail design in 2015 is not only gentle pastels. The favorites are and many other exquisite, elegant color schemes. It’s grey, soft blue, stylish creamy, elegant and noble gray paint. In fashion and pure white tone, which is fully executed manicure. However, this color is rather capricious. Such nails look stylish and beautiful, the plate should be in perfect condition.
Маникюр для коротких ногтей.5
Not only version of nude is the trend today. Very fashionable will be the options for nail art, built on the contrast. Popular bright shades decorative lacquer. Particularly relevant red and coral colors. It is recommended to beat and dark color schemes. However, it is very important to prevent the transition into aggression. Manicure must correspond to a light, weightless, airy summer ensemble.

This summer has not lost its relevance and luxurious metallic. Marigolds in the design of silver and gold, and all sorts of playful and bright sequins and pearl are perfect for both everyday and festive images. You can try to experiment with them, combining similar decor with natural colors.
В человеке все должно быть прекрасно, особенно ногти
As a decorative fashion trends offer exquisite painting, elegant lace, the original application. In trend and remains a non-trivial gradient.


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