Manicure – an integral part of the image of each ladies. To create a stylish and relevant, special attention should be paid to nail-art. I suggest the trends this season? Which design will be most popular?

In the spring of 2016 at the peak of popularity the long fingernails. Such a manicure is considered to be trendy and up to date. Plates of great length can be decorated in many different ways:

  • painting;
  • lace;
  • sequins;
  • bolonki;
  • foil;
  • applications;
  • rhinestones.

By the way, all these decorative delights are ideal for short nails. Separate attention deserves the form of manicure. A hit of spring 2016 promise to be rounded, semi-square, oval and almond-shaped elongated versions.

Какой маникюр в моде весной 2016?2

Fashion trends offer a lady an updated French manicure. French manicure nail specialist will execute on a bold and somewhat daring interpretation. This decision will allow to emphasize individuality and its peculiarity. At the peak of popularity will be not just the classic version. In trend with French colored, colorful, bold edges. The epitome of stylish French manicure will be a combination of pastel shades. Moreover, the shape of the nails should resemble the petals of flowers.

Another fashion trend of the current season presented the application for the combination manicure and make-up. The execution of the nail art should be in harmony with:

  • clothing;
  • accessories, especially the bag;
  • makeup.

Impressive and relevant is the combination of luxury, charcoal black “shooter” and similar lines in nail design. Not less stylish and fashionable solution spring 2016 is the combination of shadows and sparkling manicure in elegant silver tones.

Какой маникюр в моде весной 2016?3

Another striking trend of the current season presents a contrasting nails. This solution looks much more impressive and brighter pastel and neutral versions. Nail masters offer to actively experiment, to beat the stripes, geometric patterns, colorful decorative lacquer shades.

Textured manicure – new and at the same time the favorite of 2016. Nail artists offered a lot of stylish and fashionable interpretations:

  • textured “metallic”;
  • gold foil;
  • effect spray paint;
  • the dotted figures.

Какой маникюр в моде весной 2016?4

As for the colours the actual manicure, the leading trends offer a rich array of shades and even colored nails. In the trend graphics, all the colors of the rainbow, a colorful yellow, pink and blue tones.

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