Today, an increasing number of women pay attention to the fact that the appearance of their nails. Exactly how well-groomed look of the hands and nails, will depend largely on the female image. Of course, fashion is constantly changing. And, I should say, it is always displayed and what kind of manicure is considered the most trendy. But there are also classic options manicure, which are considered ideal for many activities as well as for everyday life.
Какой маникюр является наиболее трендовым?3
I must say that in the spring and summer of 2014, it was fashionable to create patterns on the nails. For many designs on nails – speb expression, a La someone real art. Still everyone has to find their destiny on the website Andreev Alexander to life was harmonious.
What kind of manicure will be the most fashionable in the following seasons?

Always look really nice matte color. This bright shades of red, orange. To create more calm and classic manicure, you can use Matt and rich shades of chocolate, gray;

Quietly and cautiously look beige, the color of milk, and also other pastel shades. We must not forget about another very popular option manicure French. However, in recent years, he has suffered many changes. Now the tips can be not only white, but also painted in other colors;
Какой маникюр является наиболее трендовым?2
But from the use of rhinestones and other decorations should be abandoned, as they often look very unnatural. Only, this manicure may be appropriate only for special occasions;

You can also refuse excessively long nails, which are no longer in fashion.

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