What clothes to meet the upcoming 2013 year of the Snake? It’s so important to dress properly to the coming year of the Snake bring good luck and fulfilled all wishes. About the choice of clothing should think in advance, because the snake – creature wise, reasonable and practical. She does not tolerate haste with vanity.

And mysterious snake, hence dress should be mysterious, alluring mystery and suspense. Agree, you already have some ideas about what you can wear in the day, and if not, we will help you.

The colors of the coming year – black and brown and all shades. When choosing clothes are targeting at the dark, shiny fabric. If these colors do not suit You, you can choose green, dark blue, silver and even white.

Dress length is unimportant, but it must be tight and enhanced with a bright, stylish accessories: straps, brooches, hairpins, etc. If You are planning to wear a sparkly dress, You will need a minimum of accessories.

As you know, snakes love all fluffy. Therefore, the fur trim is the perfect option to attract good luck in the coming year. Outrageous ladies can wear things out of leather, leggings, vest, jacket. The dress fit beautiful styling, or smooth the collected hair. Preferred bright varnish and shining sequins on the hair.

The elegance and luster of clothing will help You attract the attention of the public, good fortune, and will give the opportunity to have a great holiday. Even if you have no clothes suitable color, you should still think about what kind of accessories associated with the snake needs you to decorate.

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