с каким цветом сочетается голубойBlue color refreshes the image, making a note of calm, peace, wafting Association with the sea and the spring sky. If intense blue refers to the noble shades, blue less pretentious, more gentle, much more suitable for young girls than Mature ladies. Learn how color matched blue best of all, you will be able to create your own individual style, which you can observe in everyday life and social outputs.

Best shade of blue combined with similar to him in tone colors – not too dark and gloomy. To create a Mature rich combinations is his nearest relative – blue – which in its most dark variant refers to the basic color scheme. The blue another task to refresh, inspire, and delight.


Blue and yellow

From all possible combinations with blue is the summer and cheerful. To experience all the charm of this combination, you do not even need to buy specially something blue, surely you have the classic blue jeans, which will create a great Union with neon bag or lemon top. Yellow brings zest in a neutral way with a blue base, and it may be small, but eye-catching color enhancement.

  • Minka Kelly has diversified its neutral kit casual gray top and pants and a blue denim shirt neon yellow bagwhose strap style crossing shape, shading image.
  • Shay Mitchell for secular parties chose a blue suit with shorts, with a bright yellow top, the complete set of gold the clutch bag and shoes.
  • Jessica Alba combined blazer with leopard print in blue and white colors with bright blue shoes and yellow bag.


Blue and pink

The combination of blue and pink is quite understandable – both of these shades despite the contrast have a similar character. They can appear as giddy girlish and sparkling neon. And in fact, and in another embodiment they are perfectly combined with each other.

  • Well illustrated by the manner trend in the combination of these colors Emmy Rossum, which complements the simple pink clutch pale blue dress laconic cut, creating a minimalist feminine image.
  • Paloma faith has created a delicate pastel image using parts from Burberry Prorsum lace pink dress and smooth coat XXL.
  • Similar colors chose Laura Bailey, which combined long pink Maxi skirt with a cold jail-blue knitted top.


Blue with neutral pastel shades

As very bright, and more expressive blue color can be combined with neutral colors. Among them, light khaki, beige, pearl, gray-green, cream and pink. Choose the color that you more familiar and appropriate to the color type. Blue depending on the color saturation may be the main color of the outfit or additional accessories.

  • Ashley Tisdale made her big blue bag catchy accent in a neutral outfit.
  • Pale blue became the basis dress in retro style at Alexa Chang, handbag and shoes were decorated in cream and beige tones.
  • Whitney Port wore jeans and a blue blouse with a neutral jacket jacket in vague beige-pink shade.


Blue with shades of blue

Shades just can perfectly be combined with each other, the main thing is to choose those that most clearly contrasted, and then you can get the image in a single color, but infinitely playful, and fun.

  • Jessica Alba combined dark blue jeans with a blue jacket with print and purple bag.
  • Camilla Belle has created a summertime look with a white blouse with a rare floral print, blue jeans, blue bag and blue bandage on his head.
  • Pippa Middleton combined in one outfit different blue shades dress and jacket, which was set off by a neutral beige accessories.
  • Miranda Kerr loves the shades of blue and often combines them into one image. Most vivid examples of its outputs: coat, jeans and shoes deep blue with a pale blue shirt, and another way with cold light blue blouse and bright blue Prada bag.

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