с каким цветом сочетается серый Джулианы ХафGrey is a neutral color that is in contrast to his “parent” black has a lot of tones. It can appear bright, almost white, to have soft glow pearls in shiny fabrics or watmnet themselves busily and simply being presented anthracite the shade. What color is combined gray – do with the same neutral and low-key? Not at all, this color can successfully create alliances with the most vivid colors, holding back their emotions and not allowing cross border reasonable way.

Grey is a truly versatile color, with which you can make yourself invisible, and on the contrary, to draw attention to his person. The colors that you choose for him in a couple and will be decisive in whether your set is concise and elegant, or bold and memorable.


Grey with white

Grey and white color is the most simple and straightforward color Duo, which is great for business women. Grey and white are suitable for office, and grey in this case makes the image more soft and feminine, while black can put your natural data (for example, if you are fair-haired and fair-skinned) in a bad light, muting the natural beauty. In addition, gray and white will become wonderful companions relaxed casual looks casual.

с каким цветом сочетается серый Рейчел Билсон

Rachel Bilson

с каким цветом сочетается серый Виктория Бэкхем

Victoria Beckham

Example Juliana Half shows how it is possible to look calm, but not boring: skinny gray jeans, a grey scarf with white top and jacket to create a fresh and stylish way young girls, which is useless on a walk to look dark diva. Simply and succinctly dressed actress Rachel Bilson, choosing a pair of short white dress retro unexpected grey tights. If they were corporeal, the image would not be so spectacular, while gray did the style stars memorable and thoughtful. Victoria Beckham style which always reflects the latest trends of any season, wore a plain gray t-shirt with white jeans, complementing the image of a white-beige shoes and a beige bag. Neutral, calm, casual, and at the same time incredibly stylish.


Grey with brown (beige)

The combination of the base gray color with a little brown comes to mind when choosing the best combinations. This is not surprising, because these colors are absolutely polar, although there are two different alternatives for universal flat black. In addition, they lack contrast, which should reduce the degree of potential popularity of this combination. Grey – cool, always warm brown. But it turns out that the sets in grey-brown tones look fabulous fashionable and unusual. Especially always look fondly combination of light grey with beige.

с каким цветом сочетается серый Блейк Лайвли

Blake Lively

с каким цветом сочетается серый Сара Джессика Паркер

Sarah Jessica Parker

с каким цветом сочетается серый Сиенна Миллер

Sienna Miller

Blake lively gave a great example of a pastel combination of the two shades. Her coat milky beige color harmonizes perfectly with a gray scarf and dark gray thick tights. Could not resist the charm of a neutral combination of known and fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker. The actress wore a long tight cardigan textured knit with white jeans, light brown suede boots and a light brown scarf. A bright spot image – bag saturated pink color any shade perfectly looks with gray. Sienna Miller in a couple of top-vest picked up a mini-skirt light grey, shading the image of a pair of brown shoes and bag.


Grey with pink

Grey and pink shades are the simplest contrast and trendy that you can use for different styles of dress and different occasions. Always looks wonderful strict business suit gray shade with a pink silk blouse or cardigan grey with light pink top. Grey pink gives nobility, relieving him of excessive maiden playfulness, and the pink does not allow gray to become boring and mundane.

с каким цветом сочетается серый Аманда Сайфред

Amanda Seyfred

с каким цветом сочетается серый Натали Портман

Natalie Portman

с каким цветом сочетается серый Наоми Уоттс

Naomi Watts

An example of outfit Amanda Seyfred shows how interesting the inclusion of pink and gray in the light version, to dress in pastel colours has not lost its character and individuality, as it could happen with the image in shades of light beige. Lace light pink dress actress fits perfectly with the pearl-gray shoes. The focus of the image – carrot lipstick. Natalie Portman starred in one scene in “Black Swan” pink and grey. Pale pink coat actress was supplemented grey jeans, grey boots with a wide top and a grey leather pouch. Street style Naomi watts also has shown perfect harmony of these shades. The actress wore a long gray dress with print, decorating image roomy pink Louis Vuitton bag.


Grey with yellow

Grey and yellow – the Union of opposites, which are known to be attracted. Image created with these shades will not leave you unnoticed in the crowd is too trivial-this combination. Yellow makes a bright note in the gray uniformity total look, and this technique should be used in selecting accessories for your concise image in shades of gray on the output.

с каким цветом сочетается серый Нина Добрев

Nina Dobrev

с каким цветом сочетается серый Дайан Крюгер

Diane Kruger

с каким цветом сочетается серый Тейлор Свифт

Taylor Swift

Nina Dobrev is an example of a successful combination of grey and yellow in one dress. Shoes – neutral beige, so they do not disturb the harmony of the basic outfit. Luxury grey-yellow dress worn by Diane Kruger at one of the ceremonies, and immediately attracted a crowd of photographers, once on the fashion pages. Outfit calm colors in the Greek style was shaded a bright pink clutch. Taylor swift made a knight’s move – combined neutral set of crop top and mini skirt with a yellow clutch and pink shoes colors that best contrast with the gray.


Grey with blue

Blue and grey shades close, the cold, so in daily life, they can serve as a basis for fashionable combinations. To make sure that this axiom works, just look at any photo of a girl in a classic blue jeans and a gray knitted pullover or t-shirt.

с каким цветом сочетается серый Шарлиз Терон

Charlize Theron

с каким цветом сочетается серый Фамке Янссен

Famke Janssen

с каким цветом сочетается серый Пиппа Миддлтон

Pippa Middleton

Charlize Theron wore a black top and a grey jacket, dark blue pants skinny and complements the image of the bulk bag deep blue color. Famke Janssen has built all his pleasure way around this fashionable combinations: thin grey knitted cardigan and gray boots in perfect harmony with the blue jeans and scarf with different shades of blue. Pippa Middleton combined gray jeans with feminine chiffon blouse saturated shade of sea waves.


Grey with coral

Grey and coral blend as well as gray with pink. But if pink has the reputation of a color-girlish giddy in addition to adults to wear it some hesitate, coral perfectly replaces him.

с каким цветом сочетается серый Джессика Альба

Jessica Alba

с каким цветом сочетается серый Кэмерон Диас

Cameron Diaz

Jessica Alba wore a walk bright coral press-fitting silhouette with a pearl-melange-blazer and gray-brown ankle boots in military style. Cameron Diaz preferred pale coral leggings and a light grey jacket. Kate Bosworth made her pale grey kit saturated coral scarf-Sodom.

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