с каким цветом сочетается фиолетовый Ким КардашьянPurple in psychology is called the color of depression – not too lack the determination to rush to buy the clothes of this color. Being a mixture of red and blue two active cold colors – purple really intense and deep, and therefore has a certain influence on the creation. In fashion, it is most often associated with luxury and nobility, if he is one, but knowing what color goes purple, you can easily tame this shade and direct his energy for the benefit of your image.

Purple – the color complex, multifaceted, ambiguous. He really can be perceived as heavy, in addition, purple in its pure form is a very limited number of people. One of its side effects is to deform the skin color and highlight its shortcomings. If your skin is not is healthy and the teeth tinged with yellow or dark circles under the eyes, the purple in the face, unfortunately, will only exacerbate these deficiencies. If you like this color, but have certain features of the face, bring it to the lower area of the body to the skirt or trousers and a top, blouse, cardigan let there be other colors, neutral or otherwise, less demanding.


Purple with yellow

Purple and yellow combination of the most successful, because there is a visual contrast depth purple and sunshine yellow in any saturation tone. In addition, yellow knocks with his purple dramatic pathos and pulls in the direction of lightness and cheerfulness.

с каким цветом сочетается фиолетовый Миранда Керр

Miranda Kerr

с каким цветом сочетается фиолетовый Джейми Чанг

Jamie Chung

Kim Kardashian has clearly demonstrated the advantage of the combination of dark saturated purple top and a thick, mustard-yellow coat on top. In order not to disturb the harmony of the combination of these colors, she chose a gray pencil skirt and gold sandals. In one of the photo shoots Miranda Kerr appeared in fresh summer image, which was based on the combination of bright purple in the vest and sandals and juicy yellow of the dress. Supported this color combination of beads shade of fuchsia – perhaps a rare variant that fit in this duet, without destroying its integrity. Jamie Chung at the premiere chose a bright yellow dress and purple sandals suede – simple and secure fashion option.


Purple and shades of orange

Purple goes well with orange and different shades of the hue and saturation, whether it is a bright coral or bright carrot. In modern fashion is one of the basic duets for creating trend color blocking, in which you can introduce a third color – green, blue, cyan, red, yellow.

с каким цветом сочетается фиолетовый Дженнифер Лоуренс

Jennifer Lawrence

с каким цветом сочетается фиолетовый Рианна


In one of the sessions Jennifer Lawrence appeared before the lens in a saturated short purple top and red skirt of shiny fabric. A note of luxury and nobility kit was added a gold belt. Rihanna knows she can go bold color combinations, and she experiments, including their images, bright colors not only for clothes but also for the hair. For example, a bright purple top she wore with orange jeans, complementing this color madness red hair. Gwyneth Paltrow always chooses simple and elegant combination, but her images are never boring. Purple dress the actress wore with sandals, whose juicy neon orange band around the ankle did not go unnoticed and wonderfully combined with shade cloth.


Purple and turquoise

Purple is in perfect harmony with turquoise and depending on the saturation of the two shades will fit almost any color type. This combination is ideal for everyday summer images, and for secular outputs.

с каким цветом сочетается фиолетовый Джессика Альба

Jessica Alba

с каким цветом сочетается фиолетовый Тайра Бэнкс

Tyra Banks

Jessica Alba demonstrates how well and at the same time relaxed may look a girl in a casual style, built around a tranquil not flashy shades of turquoise and purple. Actress skirt with printed turquoise with purple ornament on the edge, turquoise bra on a bathing suit and a pair of spectacles of the same color. They are combined with purple bag over his shoulder and purple Vietnamese. Stunning demonstrated Blake lively, wearing evening dress ink shade with light turquoise set of earrings and bracelet. Juicy accents set model tyra banks, who wore a dress ink turquoise strap and shoes.


Purple and red

с каким цветом сочетается фиолетовый Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo

с каким цветом сочетается фиолетовый Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo

One of the shows Salvatore Ferragamo once demonstrated how it can be combined two similar pure colors – red and purple. Since they are no longer enemies, and great allies, which can become the basis for evening and everyday images.

с каким цветом сочетается фиолетовый Аманда Сайфред

Amanda Seyfred

Kristen Cavallari showed outfit, though descended from the podium, red top and purple skirt. Louise ROE wore spacious and purple dress with red boots. Stunning style tried always bright Amanda Seyfred – the actress wore a red Trouser suit, adding to the image of the ink lacquered shoes and lipstick to match.

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