с каким цветом сочетается красный Кэрри МаллиганRed – active, energetic color, mostly cold, but can stand and warm shades. Woman in red will never go unnoticed, but fully dressed in this color is not all and not always, of course. Red is combined with many other colors as close to him in the color range and contrast. What color goes red is best, will help to identify examples of celebrities who love this color and often it is worn.

Red can be combined with different colors, and if you like it in different colors, in any case should be managed very carefully. This color is not neutral and is not universal, and if you wear it close to your face, he can highlight his shortcomings as flushed from rosacea cheeks or acne rash. So when you want to pick a combination of red for problem face, try to take him in the lower area of the body, top dressing in something less dangerous and pretentious. Do not forget another truth – red brunettes is much more than blondes. If you are blond or brown hair, you should not wear active red in the face – he will “kill” all natural charm, pulling up all the attention.


Red and blue

Red and blue are a perfect contrast combinations, which is perfectly suited for social outputs. To create a smart-casual images, the most advantageous is the combination of red with a dark, almost black blue, especially if it will be a classic jacket in military style with gold buttons.

с каким цветом сочетается красный Николь Риччи

Nicole Ricci

с каким цветом сочетается красный Джессика Альба

Jessica Alba

English actress Carey Mulligan is one of the Premier chose a win-win combination of red dress with blue shoes. Nicole Ricci in a couple of flared jeans picked up a bright red jacket with contrast black trim. Jessica Alba chose the same color combination, but on the contrary – blue blazer with red pants.


Red with green

One of the most beautiful combinations, the advantages of which are well know redheaded girl. It is with their data such color combination plays a more spectacular. The combination of red and green sometimes jokingly compared with a Christmas tree. But if you choose clothes wisely, Association with the discharged festive pine needles can be avoided.

с каким цветом сочетается красный Тейлор Свифт

Taylor Swift

с каким цветом сочетается красный Тейлор Свифт

Taylor Swift

Taylor swift is a big fan of the combination of red and green. In one of the outputs of the singer wore a summer dress with a red floral print that complements the green bag and shoes to match. In another way it did the opposite – wore a green coat with red bag and red ankle boots.


Red and black

Red is in perfect harmony with the black, which mutes its expressiveness and allows you to look not fatal beauty, fight on the spot when it is inappropriate, and stylish woman who is aware of his virtues and would like them to emphasize without attracting undue attention to himself.

The combination of red and black are well suited for high outputs. Red in this Union best acts accessories, diluting the uniformity of the black total look, but not necessarily. Black accessories also look great with a red dress or skirt, favourably contrasting with them and not to distract from the outfit.

с каким цветом сочетается красный Гвен Стефании

Gwen Stephanie

с каким цветом сочетается красный Ники Хилтон

Nicky Hilton

с каким цветом сочетается красный Клеманс Поэзи

Clemans, Poezi

Autumn walking street style Gwen Stephanie demonstrates that the combination of black and red and can easily fit in a casual way. Her choice fell on a simple red dress with long sleeves, with which the singer wore a thick black tights, black boots, and took a black bag. Nicky Hilton for casual image chose bright red pants that you wore with long black pullover. On classics bet French Clemence, Poezi – on the red carpet the actress wore a red dress in fifties style black bag and black shoes-boats.


Red with pink

The Union of the red and pink is one of the most bizarre, unexpected and at the same time – the most striking and stylish. The possibility of such fashionable combination was discovered and introduced into the trend recently, when compared with other combinations, known for decades. This color close in the spectral range that is usually a contraindication to the combination of clothing. But in modern fashion less impossible.

с каким цветом сочетается красный Эмма Стоун

Emma Stone

с каким цветом сочетается красный Хайди Клум

Heidi Klum

с каким цветом сочетается красный Сара Джессика Паркер

Sarah Jessica Parker

Redhead Emma stone wore a red top with a bright pink skirt with peplum lush complex design. The shoes were selected neutral beige. This extravaganza shades of pink turned around in the dress supermodel Heidi Klum. Together with red trousers she wore a silk blouse shade of fuchsia, adding the way the cold light pink bag ostrich leather and purple sandals. The splendor of bright red and pink proved Sarah Jessica Parker. The actress wore a scarlet chiffon blouse with neon pink trousers with arrows.


Red with yellow

The combination of red and yellow suits fans dynamic images and sun dresses. What the French call “vitamin” style – from such combinations is really a powerful charge of energy. Red and yellow kits can approach the owners of pure spring color type, as well as hot brunettes.

Tyra banks on one of the secular outputs wore a simple and elegant sheath dress a relaxing shade of red, and zest in a way made a bright accessories – yellow clutch and pointy shoes. Katie Holmes showed feminine image, which skillfully avoided flashy style, but perfectly fit in exquisite style. Red dress actress already attracted attention with its shade and a difficult cut, so the best accessory steel flat yellow, and shiny gold shoes.

с каким цветом сочетается красный Тайра Бэнкс

Tyra Banks

с каким цветом сочетается красный Кэти Холмс

Katie Holmes

с каким цветом сочетается красный Мишель Харт

Michelle HART

Michelle HART bet on simple color blocking and also not lost – a simple red dress looks great under the yellow coat is slightly shorter in length. Michelle Monaghan has demonstrated how important it is to take bright accents from his face. Actress by nature has a very calm appearance, and zostanie bright red and neon yellow in the upper part of the body would hide all her beauty. Black top in this case the right choice, and red summer pants with psychedelic prints and indecent yellow bag make way for summer and relaxed.

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