с каким цветом сочетается желтый Лили ОлдриджYellow color is beautiful and dangerous. Beautiful, because it improves mood and vigor charges, and dangerous, because almost always attracts too much attention, if you treat them poorly and, alas, often look fat. If you know what color goes yellow, you will have no problems with how to dress not only bright, but also very stylish and appropriate. This is a very diverse color, allowing you to experiment freely with the images.

Yellow range from neon to blend lemon, but in fact, and in another embodiment, the yellow need not always and not for everyone. Usually this color is well suited to ladies spring and winter color type, while the girl-summer or autumn it may disfavor. Yellow always looks good on dark-skinned girls, for white is to choose a paler version. However, much depends on the combination – it is adjacent color determines the nature of the outfit.


Yellow and black

Black and yellow is a great combination with all the insolence yellow it can be surprisingly elegant.

с каким цветом сочетается желтый Блейк Лайвли

Blake Lively

с каким цветом сочетается желтый Анна Кендрик

Anna Kendrick

Model Lily Aldridge showed a simple, casual look with a yellow top and black bottom, not looking too bright. Blake lively on the set wore contrasting yellow and black trench coat, which was supplemented by a blue clutch. Anna Kendrick on one of the secular outputs chose yellow dress by Markus Lupfer black lightning, as well as a brilliant geometric clutch and black patent-leather ankle boots with open ankle.


Yellow and blue

Blue with yellow – combination over the summer and solemn, hence so many star dresses for social events on the basis of these colours. Most often yellow and blue are combined in clothing and accessories – yellow dress with blue shoes and Vice versa.

с каким цветом сочетается желтый Розамунд Пайк

Rosamund Pike

с каким цветом сочетается желтый Миранда Керр

Miranda Kerr

One such example is the English actress Rosamund pike in a stunning dress Canary hue with a bright blue shoes. The same principle was adopted, and Miranda Kerr, whose dress lemon shade did not hide no feet, no shoes. Dark skin color Kelly Rowland allows her to not be shy when selecting saturated colors, so she opted for a dress with thick yellow bodice and a dark blue skirt.


Yellow and green

Yellow and green in all shades create a breathtaking combination, from which it is difficult to look away. All outfits with this combination always attract attention, it should be taken into account and consider all the details.

с каким цветом сочетается желтый Лейтон Мистер

Leighton Mister

с каким цветом сочетается желтый Оливия Палермо

Olivia Palermo

Fans of the series “Gossip girl” love and remember one of the gorgeous gowns heroine Leighton Mister – dazzling green coat Cape sleeveless dark green leather gloves with a bright yellow bag and shoes in her tone. The image of a bold and memorable, inspiring. Olivia Palermo is a big lover and yellow, and green, and its combination is always impeccable, and the combination of yellow pants with cold green blazer.


Yellow and purple

One of the textbook fashionable combinations of yellow and purple. It is always important and always a winner, provided that both of these shades you really fit. Be careful in the pursuit of fashion, because yellow can add a shape, and purple is to emphasize the shortcomings of skin color.

с каким цветом сочетается желтый Мирослава Дума

Miroslava Duma

с каким цветом сочетается желтый Кейт Мара

Kate Mara

с каким цветом сочетается желтый Рита Ора

Rita Ora

Miroslava Duma has bright winter the color type, so it can afford the local net combination. In the case of yellow-purple dress she demonstrates how elegantly and provocatively, but not dramatic might look like this combination of colors. Kate Mara for the red carpet is shared by two fashionable color, and her lilac crocodile clutch sets off the color of the dress. Singer Rita Ora partial to bright outfits and color combinations both on stage and in life. Her dress from Vivienne Westwood with purple-yellow print coupled with yellow sandals this once again proves.

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