какие цвета сочетаются в одеждеColor theory fascinating, but even more fun to practice. What colors are combined in clothes better and which is worse – the question is very ambiguous, and one theory here would not be possible. Do not forget that each person has their own individual taste and visual and emotional perception of the colour. The designers, who produce fashion collections every season, it is his own, and every year the combination of colors that they offer us, all the more dazzling.

Every year we see something not seen before, this means that the theory and practice of color combinations studied not so good. More interesting to practice in various combinations. The theory of color and different combinations lies in the color wheel. With its help it is easy to imagine what shades of any color occur, which are contrasting, which coexist in the spectrum. But gradually these basic knowledge in fashion fade into the past, opening the door for innovative combinations, which by the way are connected with the fashion trends of the season.


Basic (neutral) color

The base color is also called the neutral, and this really should be the basis for any wardrobe, both male female. This gamut is not as diverse as other categories, but its undeniable advantage is the perfect mix inside it. The base color is black, white, gray, dark blue, brown, shades of beige. All of them are perfectly combined with each other, adapting the character of his master in business or everyday kit.

The basic tone is the basis of business style, and if you can withstand this note uniformity, you will always look professional. What up individuality, it is, of course, also possible, because the neutral shades in the dress can always find a place for a bright accent. What will it be – depends on the case and place.

The most common bright contrasting combinations with basic colors: pink to gray, yellow to blue. White, black, stand next to any of the shades, so if you are not yet a master in mixing different colors, start to learn your personality with black and white, complementing them the right accents.


Clean colors and shades

Strictly speaking, the color and shade is not the same. Hue is the color, and one color can be lots of shades. Pure spectral colors are very few, and to represent them, we need to remember the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo, violet. All the rest belong to the shades, or simply to the color mixtures. So crimson is a shade of red, emerald shade of green, terracotta – orange tint.

Understanding the essence of pure colors and shades are very important when choosing color combinations in your wardrobe. Our visual perception is tuned for a combination of contrasting shades, but those which either have something in common, or Vice versa, they are shades of the opposite in the color wheel.

For example, most pure colors can be perfectly combined with each other, like, red, blue, green and yellow.

Also very good blend of purple with yellow and orange, blue and yellow. The colors, especially bright, combined with other shades similar saturation. So Canary yellow gets on with aquamarine or turquoise, neon salad – with shades of orange.

For a long time it was believed that pure colors should not be worn together with shades of the same color spectrum. But fashion collections prove that now all things are lawful. So it became possible to combine red with orange, red with pink, pink with orange. The same applies to the shades of blue from Navy dark blue, bordering on black, to radiant turquoise and pastel blue. Or shades of purple, from lilac to purple, which can also be combined in one outfit in print or separately in the parts kit.

If you choose to image the shades belonging to one of the color spectrum, then either leave only two, or can complement an outfit a basic neutral color – white, black, gray or beige.


Pastel shades

Pastel is greatly clarified the spectral colors are so washed out to white. Pastel shades are often referred to as sweet, sugar, sweet in Association with the popular delicacies in the same colours. Orange in pastels eroded to pale coral, pink becomes barely perceptible to the eye, as blue, violet leaves in light purple, grey – soft pearl.

As pure colors, pastel shades are best combined it among themselves in the same color pairs. In this case, you do not risk to make the outfit inappropriate discordance – shades in any case perceived by the eye as very harmonious. Pastel purple also goes well with pale lemon, mint – blend pink.

To preserve the beauty of pastel shades in the dress can, if you don’t include screaming shades, pure bright or dark tones that coarsen and overshadow.


Neon colors

Each pure color can become unbearably bright or pleasant subdued. The formation of new colors, which are grouped around certain colors. And neon, and the muted colors go well together within their families, but as you know, in modern fashion, nothing is impossible, especially in terms of color combinations.

Dress completely in neon shades can often be inappropriate, even if only two shades, so it is advisable to do neon accent that makes a highlight in basic or neutral pastel kit.

Neon yellow goes well with blanda blue, bright turquoise with soft coral. Shade of fuchsia can add a huge number of outfits in different colors, but the best bright pink complements the entire blue range, as well as its sister shades of red and purple – peach, coral, pale pink, purple and, of course, grayscale suffering any pink.


Muted shades

As for the muted shades, they sometimes don’t need the vicinity of neon or pure color in their ranks, you can find quite independent rich variant in the form of terracotta, brick, mustard, no acidity such attire is not required. How effective muffled gamma by itself, can be easily seen, if we revise established fashion styles.

One of them is the Safari style, which combines muted shades of warm green (khaki, olive, marsh) and brown (chocolate, coffee, ivory tint), their mixtures and combinations with gray. All these shades, without exception, perfectly combined with each other.

If Safari is rather muted neutral gamma warm, autumn style is hot embodiment. Autumn color palette is ochre, mustard, hot chocolate, Burgundy, dull emerald-green, terracotta, brick. All these shades are also combined with each other. To choose the degree of saturation of need, based on their data. You can afford more expressive, if you have a bright autumn the color type. If you are a blonde with a warm honey-coloured hair and brown eyes, your gamma should be more relaxed.

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