какие цвета сочетаются с синим Пэрис ХилтонBlue is one of the most stylish colors of modern fashion. He can be calm and neutral, suitable for elegant images, and active, in shades of electric, or noble-bright in the image of cobalt and dazzling azure. What colors are combined with the blue, considering how he has many faces? Successful combinations with blue enough for them to try any fashionista. Such combinations can live both in dress and in ensemble with accessories.

The General rule on the correct combination of blue is that this color harmony mostly only with cool tones. There are rare exceptions, but mostly it is an axiom, from which we must build. If your natural the color type is cold, you can experiment a lot and without fear look out of place – and dark, and bright, and light blue shades that have a range of successful combinations. If your warm color type, perhaps you should find other options within its range.


Red and blue

Red and blue contrasting cool colors and they are perfectly combined in their rich interpretations, and one more subdued. This is usually blue, and red can be bright red. Red and blue live well together in one garment, such as a plaid, striped or psychedelic prints and trend color blocking and, of course, in clothing and accessories. If you wore a blue dress, it is perfect blue shoes or a handbag, and Vice versa.

Fashion blogger Olivia Palermo wore a bright blue jacket with pants in the noble deep shade of brown Burgundy”, the complete image bag dark plum color. Black loafers and white and grey scarf did not violate the harmony of the primary colors is important when choosing a contrasting active combinations.

Socialite Paris Hilton was once famous for its vulgar tasteless outfits, but over time, her style has become more restrained, as evidenced by the choice of the perfect blue-red kit. Little blue dress laconic design perfectly combined with the large red strap with eye-catching buckle and shoes with open Cape of red patent leather.


Yellow with blue

Yellow and blue color evoke associations with summer vacation, vacation sometimes, for whom these bright shades are welcomed as basic everyday wardrobe. To wear yellow and blue, need a certain amount of courage – the girl in this dress will not go unnoticed and will attract views. If this is what you want – go for it.

какие цвета сочетаются с синим Зендая Колман

Zenda Coleman

какие цвета сочетаются с синим Зендая Колман

Zenda Coleman

American singer and model Zenda Coleman is a big fan of bright combinations, especially yellow and blue. In the same way she wore yellow-blue coat XXL with jeans and high heels, in another – neon-yellow dress complements boots dazzling Royal blue shade with subtle yellow accents in the middle. Another American actress Nyah river on one of the Premier chose the pencil skirt tranquil blue shade and yellow boats, creating an elegant and classic way.

какие цвета сочетаются с синим Джессика Альба

Jessica Alba

какие цвета сочетаются с синим Аманда Сайфред

Amanda Seyfred

Jessica Alba walking complements the image in dark blue summer dress with contrasting yellow jacket. Fellow Hollywood shop Amanda Seyfred also made a bid for this combination by selecting the yellow dress coat retro cool is bluish tint.


Turquoise blue

Turquoise is one of the shades of blue, which are making it with green. Until recently, such combinations (like red and orange), was considered in clothing invalid. But times change, and new fashion welcomes the combination of blue and turquoise, amazing beauty and originality of this combination.

какие цвета сочетаются с синим Зои Дешанель

Zooey Deschanel

какие цвета сочетаются с синим Тайра Бэнкс

Tyra Banks

In the film American star Zooey Deschanel was spotted in a simple and comfortable set not modest colors. Turquoise dress above the knee complemented the bright blue knitted jacket with small buttons. One of the most successful supermodels in the world, tyra banks, struck one of the outputs on the red carpet. The star of the catwalk wearing a suit of shining fabric, which consisted of a blue Trouser parts with wide bright turquoise waistband and asymmetrical pink bodice.


Green with blue

Difficult, but possible combination of green and blue again because of similarity of these colors. To get a beautiful combination of blue and green, it is better to stay on the classic blue – darker or more saturated, and shades of green can vary from grassy to emerald.

какие цвета сочетаются с синим Фрида Пинто

Frieda Pinto

какие цвета сочетаются с синим Миранда Керр

Miranda Kerr

Emma stone on one of the Prime Minister chose the minimalist elegant image, created with dark blue top bustier with peplum and pencil skirts emerald shade with sequins. Very similar style with the same top, but the pants muted dark green shades from Burberry Prorsum showed Indian actress Frieda Pinto. Model Miranda Kerr showed how profitable it looks a combination of green and blue in a single print in shining flared dress Proenza Schouler.


White with blue

White with blue is the safest classic that can only exist in the world of fashion and style. It is well known to all lovers of the sea of style with his vests and style a La Russe with print authentic Gzhel painting. How to wear white with blue? Whatever, and stellar examples will give the necessary clues. The main thing is not to overload the third active color.

какие цвета сочетаются с синим Элисон Уильямс

Alison Williams

какие цвета сочетаются с синим Марион Котийяр

Marion Cotillard

Example Jennifer Lopez bustier dress Christian Louboutin blue with white inset on the chest and show how this combination refreshes the image. Shiny clutches, shoes and jewelry add Shine and not causing disharmony. Dress Alison Williams blue complemented with contrasting white decorative inserts at the waist and neckline, but shoes neutral. Luxurious dress Marion Cotillard Dior is shining skirt marine shade with numerous soft pleats and contrasting white top bustier – luxurious look for the red carpet.


Pink with blue

Unbelievable, but true – blue go well with the bright pink, in particular, with a shade of fuchsia or cyclamen. But in order not to look ridiculous, it is desirable rose to leave the accessories that complete the outfit into a single dark or bright blue.

какие цвета сочетаются с синим София Вергара

Sofia Vergara

какие цвета сочетаются с синим Бэйли Мэдисон

Bailey Madison

A good example of filed Sofia Vergara who chose to sapphire dress pink clutch. Another way the actress is supplemented by a large blue-and-pink scarf with ethnic geometric prints. The young actress Bailey Madison wore a dark blue silk blouse with a print of pink flamingos that are perfectly in harmony with neon pink jacket on top.


Orange with blue

Orange goes well with blue, as dark and light. For a long time purple was considered the best ally orange, but soon and pure blue has become one of the best partners this shade in a stylish way.

какие цвета сочетаются с синим Пикси Гельдоф

Pixie Geldof

какие цвета сочетаются с синим Сара Джессика Паркер

Sarah Jessica Parker

Pixie Geldof has created an image in the style of the seventies with the help of denim overalls and orange clutch. Sarah Jessica Parker showed a combination of dark blue skirts and sweaters terracotta shade. Jennifer Lawrence showed how beneficial it looks bright green strap at the waist dark blue dress Altuzarra.

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