какие цвета сочетаются с черным Кристин КаваллариBlack is the universal color, the highly respected among lovers of style and women, whose shape is far from ideal. But besides that black flatter the figure, it has a fine property dim shades that are with him side by side. If you love neon colors, and wear them with a black and you will not cause associations with a box of markers. What colors combined with black is better?


A variety of black and white

The combination of black and white is not so odnoplanovye as it may seem at first glance. The most common and safest option – white top and black bottom, but it can also be a geometric print, a cell or strip, psychedelic, and other possible types of patterns involving these two basic colors.

какие цвета сочетаются с черным Шерон Стоун

Sharon Stone

какие цвета сочетаются с черным Эмма Уотсон

Emma Watson

A young American actress Christine Cavallari showed a sample of the elegant black-and-white image in the youth version: her white blouse not boring, and the black skirt – leather, pleated and mini. Emma Watson showed spectacular feminine image using black and white jumpsuit J. Mendel, consisting of black cropped trousers and a white top with V-neck. Broke the severity of this style, giving it a luxury, solid gold bracelet, worn directly on the cuff, and dark red lipstick. Black total look Sharon stone might look bleak, if not boil-and-white jacket laconic cut top.

какие цвета сочетаются с черным Тэнди Ньютон

Thandie Newton

какие цвета сочетаются с черным Кэт Дили

Kat Dili

A good combination type in the same way black and white are the original vague drawings or contrasting trim at common background. A great example of how the style looks in black and white dress, is the image of the actress Thandie Newton. Due to the asymmetry print dress in traditional school colors does not look dull. TV presenter Kate Dili showed similar style, but with a more dramatic contrast of black and white with a stripe down the middle of the dress. An example of a non-trivial combination of black and white at the Cannes film festival was Zoe Saldana. Her mini dress Emanuel Ungaro was completely devoid of uniformity: it combined the asymmetric black-and-white top spacious silhouette and tight skirt in retro peas. Orange shoes gracefully complements the outfit.


Red and black

Red and black – textbook sandulescu combination, but in modern fashion it is not as dramatic as in the literature. Just look at the plaid – tartan print, or black-and-red cell, which has become a new classic of modern fashion and one of the hallmarks of the authentic style. With black color best matches net local red, but there may be deviations from this course, for example, in Burgundy.

какие цвета сочетаются с черным Оливия Уайлд

Olivia Wilde

какие цвета сочетаются с черным Скарлетт Йоханссон

Scarlett Johansson

Actress Olivia Wilde has combined a black leather crop top with red plaid skirt-MIDI – dress turned out and simple, and incredibly fashionable. Scarlett Johansson looked dazzling in a red-and-black tuxedo with cropped skinny trousers arrow. Black color in the middle – top and lapel – stilled the active brightness of the red, so the image was not hysterical, and very elegant. Ashley Greene has successfully created a relaxed, casual look, complementing its luxury accessories. Black sweater she added rusty-red skinny jeans, black shoes on the platform Aldo and black and white handbag Salvatore Ferragamo.


Orange with black

Orange shades are beautifully combined with the black, and this color combination is more brash and energetic, rather than a traditional Union of red and black. At orange, in contrast to red, many shades, which is not much depart from the pure color, and the combination with black, whether it is noble autumn terracotta or neon orange, always looks appropriate. Any orange charges outfit energy, and black allows little to restrain her impulse.

какие цвета сочетаются с черным Виктория Бэкхем

Victoria Beckham

какие цвета сочетаются с черным Оливия Палермо

Olivia Palermo

какие цвета сочетаются с черным Кристина Риччи

Christina Ricci

One example is the dress Victoria Beckham, where the coat XXL perfectly well with the bright orange pants. Enough to take off his coat, and the image will be truly summer. Olivia Palermo showed a good combination of black cropped trousers and an orange blouse in military style. Christina Ricci has saved their way from the dull monotony of the black total look by using bright shiny carrot shorts with Golden shimmer, which, in turn, are in perfect harmony yellow clutch and pendant.


Shades of brown with black

Someone may seem to combine in a single outfit black and brown – simply stroke for people who have no imagination. In fact, quite the opposite. Stellar examples only prove that black and brown in different interpretations can be wonderful neighbors, most importantly, to choose the right types of combinations and suitable to each particular person shade of brown – from rich chocolate to a soft beige.

какие цвета сочетаются с черным Кэти Холмс

Katie Holmes

какие цвета сочетаются с черным Меган Фокс

Megan Fox

какие цвета сочетаются с черным Кейт Миддлтон

Kate Middleton

Katie Holmes is the epitome of classic elegant feminine style and is never wrong in choosing outfits. As in the case of combination of simple black blouse with a beige skirt with a rare pleating. This is one of those variations, the opposite traditions in the form of a white top and black bottom. It should adopt women who have heavy upper body, for example, broad shoulders or large Breasts.

Megan Fox went shopping in a simple set of casual and immediately appeared on the pages of fashion magazines. This is not surprising, given the simple, but incredibly stylish combination of her all-black clothing and suede tan leather bufort. The Duchess of Cambridge is another sample of the refined aristocratic taste. One of the most successful sets of Kate Middleton one of British fashion magazines have called the combination of dark chocolate brown cashmere coat with a black turtleneck and black tight stockings and shoes.


Pink with black

Pink and black is the embodiment of youth rebellion, the base color emo-style, and also one of the favorite of the girl’s hands. Pink deprive black of darkness, and black takes the pathos with pink, giving the kit more rigor and Gothic romance.

какие цвета сочетаются с черным Джессика Альба

Jessica Alba

какие цвета сочетаются с черным Виктория Бэкхем

Victoria Beckham

какие цвета сочетаются с черным Риз Уизерспун

Reese Witherspoon

A good example of modern girls filed Victoria Beckham, who wore a pink dress with a black insert on the neckline, adding to his heavy black boots with heels and voluminous black hard business bag in a minimalist style. The gorgeous combination of pink and black showed Jessica Alba. She wore a black cropped knit Ralph Lauren sweater with chiffon skirt to the ankles simple cut delicate pink hue. Kate Hudson turned to the safe combination – bright pink suede shoes diluted unity black complete black blouse and leather skirt. About the power of pink accessories for dark sets knows and Reese Witherspoon, which complements a bright scarf image in black.

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