If the flu virus mostly comes to us from the East, fashion and a different sort of revolution from the West. As you remember, feminization, sexual revolution also came. Not hard to imagine that the fashion for “man-made” beauty in a year or two will also come to us. So, men, get ready for new expenses, and public opinion to a new fashion!


American women believe that the sexual anatomy women are not legs, no figure, not even a smile, and… chest. It should be big and bouncy like a soccer ball. For the sake of American women are ready for everything. Because such a wealth of nature have not all, then came the implants. First silicone, and now even bags of saline solution. Only in 2001 126 913 thousand Americans did a artificial busts. Fashion for big and tall chest captured all age and social strata of America. More often, however, under the surgeon’s knife fall women “Balzac” age, which at the same time “rejuvenate” the face and neck. According to the statistics, cosmetic surgery is resorted to about 59% of women. Pulls this “fun” for 30 thousand dollars annually.

In the second place the so-called “cult of eternal youth” the 30-year-old. The most popular among this category of women are the surgery of liposuction (the suctioning of fat deposits), plastic surgery eyelids, nose, neck.


In good old Germany it is not so. The Germans were tolerant of the faults of his body. And men there, too conservative. They prefer natural baits their compatriots. Therefore, aesthetic surgery in Germany not so popular, because they appreciate the truthfulness of appearance. However, one weakness of German women still have bags under my eyes. To get rid of them, Frau boxes buy a variety of creams. And even starting to pave the way to… the offices of plastic surgeons.


At Spanish your “troubles” — the cult of slender legs. Those who have patience and mind, go to the gym. The impatient and the rich go under the surgeon’s knife to correct leg line, and carry out the liposuction.

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