In the early twentieth century, Britain was considered the center of plastic surgery. Here came the best specialists and the most famous beauties from all over Europe. Now it is not so. If in Paris, there are over 200 of surgeons-plastics, then in London only 40. Women primarily increase the volume of the chest and hold facelift. And increasingly, they’re going to do it in Paris.


The subject of the greatest concerns of women — wrinkles. To get rid of these signs of the time, they go to nice, Cannes, since such “experiments” at home unpopular. In General, Italians prefer to have cosmetics.


French beauty thoughts on “blossoming youth”. So I do and face lifting and correction of the whole body. After this 30-year-old turn into young nymphs. Of course, only outside. According to statistics, for plastic surgeons receives about 60 thousand French women annually.


Local beauties have lost the mind, improving their appearance. Besides, they are not shy to talk about it. Plastic surgery in Brazil became a real boom. Ladies just dream thoughts the correction of obvious or perceived shortcomings. The nose is not the same as necessary? Only $ 200 and it is perfect! Popular in Brazil to rejuvenate the skin, smooth pores, to remove wrinkles and creases. In addition, the country of coffee and football is very fashionable… wide hips and round buttocks. There even silicon implants inserted! For example, in 2001 such operations, made more than 200 thousand

Japan, China, Indonesia

Women Asian women passionate about correction eyes and nose. They all want to be like European women. And money is not spared.


Fight with fashion is silly. At first glance it seems that our women are concerned is quite another — money, food, children… And then comes the appearance. Although, frankly, many in connection with pasta-potato diet bulges too much. However, the male half should be happy, despite everything, women have.

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Date posted: 30 Dec 2016

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