A very important condition that your nails remain beautiful and healthy for many years, is proper nutrition. Even going on vacation and buying a ticket to another country, you should be worried about making the trip to observe the right diet not to lean on those products that can be harmful for your nails or skin.

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What products based healthy nutrition for nails

Of course, first and foremost, a healthy diet has beneficial effects not only on the nails, but on the whole human body. But be sure to include in the list of products, components such as:

  • cheese and other dairy products;
  • fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits;
  • seafood and dried fruits.

In this case, you can be assured that they will have a beneficial impact on the nails.

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As for multivitamins, nutritionists still recommend to use the complexes, which is composed of calcium and vitamins a, C and E. However, the vitamin starts to act immediately, calcium, for example, it will take time to accumulate in the body. But soon you will notice that your nails have become clearly stronger stopped to peel off. This is especially noticeable in pregnant women, which often this condition is accompanied by increased fragility of nails and slow their growth.

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What products used for nail care

But little just to make useful products in food. For nail care often recommended to do a special baths, using these or other plant components. For such procedures, you can use vegetable oil, olive or castor. Also, you should add in a dish of lemon juice, preferably fresh pomace, he will serve as a source of vitamin C.

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To do such a bath should be a couple of times a week. First pour oil in a bowl, then heat it in a water bath. Add the lemon juice. The procedure itself takes about 15 minutes, all the time in the oil needed to keep the nail. When the time comes out, hands smeared any nourishing cream. However, if the time for the carrying out of such procedures do you have, just wipe the nails with a swab moistened it in the butter.

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Lemon will also help if the fingernails began to turn yellow. Before you go to buy airline tickets Almaty, incidentally, offers them to everyone at affordable prices, you can perform the following procedure. Take a lemon and cut it in half. Then immerse the tips of the fingers in the flesh and hold it there for a few minutes. Lemon juice will serve as a good bleach and strengthen your nails.

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