какой тональный крем выбратьAny make-up begins with choosing a Foundation primer because beautiful skin means much more than the dramatic eye makeup or attractive lipstick. If the tone matched well, the face seemed to glow with health, looks smooth and soft. What Foundation to choose? It depends on the type of the skin its natural tint, peculiarities of lifestyle.


The cornerstone

какую тональную основу выбратьOne of the most common mistakes in makeup – neglect Foundation. Many believe that it is more important to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes or seductive lips, and concealer only want those who want to hide skin imperfections. But even the most thorough makeup eyes and lips will look out of place and alien without Foundation. Therefore, without Foundation, you can do when performing everyday makeup, but if you want to look good, but not absolutely necessary.

Once Foundation was hurting the skin, clogging pores and causing acne and early aging of the skin. But modern tone means devoid of these disadvantages. They not only change the hue of the skin, but also improve its condition, heals her. It is only important to choose the right type of Foundation to best meet the needs of the skin.

A quality concealer performs several functions:

  • Gives the skin a smoother tone;
  • Removes excess Shine, mattifies;
  • Moisturizes the skin;
  • Visually camouflages skin imperfections;
  • Protects the skin from negative environmental influences, including from solar radiation.


Every skin type – my cream

выбор текстуры тонального кремаThe choice of the texture of the cream depends on the skin type. For healthy skin without serious problems the most suitable light tone means. They are slightly smooth the skin, give the face a well-groomed appearance, sometimes a gentle glow. Light tonal fluids do not accumulate in the folds of the skin. The disadvantages of such funds can be attributed to their inability to mask serious flaws.

If the skin is dry, it is better to give preference to creams with a high content of moisturizing ingredients. Owners of very dry skin is better to choose creams are oil-based. It is better if the cream will have a liquid consistency is easier to apply and blend, they will not accumulate in the fine wrinkles, highlighting them in this way. But from thick, creamy foundations that provide dense cover, owners of dry or wrinkled skin is to refuse.

For oily skin recommended creams with low fat, matifying regulating the sebaceous glands. If a skin problem, you probably can’t do without creams with dense texture – well they camouflage imperfections. Since oily skin is usually quite dense and thick, it can be easily spread even dense creams without fear that they will all wrinkles and irregularities.

Sometimes Foundation can solve some skin problems. For example, for problem skin produce tonal framework with antibacterial components. As for aging, losing skin elasticity creams are recommended with the effect of lifting.


The choice of color

выбор цвета тонального кремаModern creams can solve many skin problems. Still, such tools are bought primarily for decorative effect. Cream evens skin tone, conceals redness, broken veins, shadows under the eyes, scars and skin irregularities. The face should look natural, that is the layer of the Foundation in any case should not be noticeable. It’s not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance – find your perfect shade of Foundation you should be very careful, otherwise the face will look unnatural.

In all cosmetic stores offer shoppers to try a concealer. In most cases, the means suggest that you apply to the back of your hand and evaluate the coincidence with the skin color under electric light. But this is not the best idea. First, it is important that the cream was not different from the skin color in daylight. And secondly, the tone of the skin often is different from the color of the skin.

Therefore, it is best to apply Foundation on cheeks (of course, clean, no makeup), and do it in natural lighting. In practice, this may not be very convenient because you will need to leave the store, going outside. But thus will be able to pick the most suitable shade.

Many people use too dark a shade of Foundation. As a result, the face looks like a mask, and furthermore, a darker shade is a bit old. When choosing between two tones is better to give preference to the fact that lighter. A darker color is wise to use only on tanned skin.

The majority of tonal yellowish or beige tint. They are well suited for women with a warm skin tone. And “Belosnezhka” and women whose skin has pink cool undertone, you should look for some other means of more suitable shades. Some creams have the ability to adapt to the natural color of the skin.


The modeling of the face

тональный крем для моделирования лицаUsing creams in different shades, you can visually change the facial features. For this purpose on those areas of the skin that you want to highlight, apply a concealer lighter shade, and those that need to hide any longer. For example, you can emphasize cheekbones with light cream, and on the cheeks, apply a darker shade. But if the back of the nose to paint light cream, and the wings darker, the nose will look thinner.

This makeup looks great in the photo, but in real life it may not look quite natural, especially if it is bad to blur the boundaries of colors. Therefore, it should be a good practice before leaving with so much makeup “into the light”.

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