на какой руке носят обручальное кольцоAn engagement ring is a symbol of loyalty, devotion, and an indicator of status and even the financial viability of the spouses. And if the choice of the main design of this Bridal jewelry is a matter of personal preference on which hand wearing a wedding ring due to certain traditions and rules.


Right or left: the problem of cultural perception

как носят обручальное кольцоActually each pair and each spouse individually, has the right to decide on which hand and which finger to wear engagement ring. In addition to wedding rings, many also wear engagement rings, they can be worn together or separately, but the manner of wearing the ring in some way related to marriage and devotion to each other, are not regulated by any official regulations. But why in some countries the wedding ring is worn on the right hand, others on the left, and somewhere and can’t wear at all? All the matter in the cultural traditions and the differences between them.

In the USA, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Iran, Chile, Italy, France, Sweden, Slovenia and some other countries of the British Commonwealth’s engagement ring, usually worn on the left arm. In other countries, such as Germany, Greece, Russia, Spain, India, Colombia, Venezuela and Poland such rings are in most cases worn on the right arm, but if we are talking about an engagement ring, it is worn on the left arm.

Orthodox Christians and citizens of Eastern Europe traditionally wear wedding rings on right hand. In Jewish families, it is customary to wear the wedding ring on his left hand, despite the fact that during the marriage ceremony the couple exchanging rings, wear them to each other on the right hand.

In the Netherlands and Austria Catholics wear this symbol of loyalty on his left hand, and representatives of other religions – on the right. In Belgium the location tradition the location of the wedding ring depends on the cultural practices of a particular region.

обручальное кольцо на рукеIn Scandinavia women often wear three rings, one engagement, the other is a symbol of the marriage vow, and the third is knit with motherhood.

Muslims also wear an engagement ring, although this tradition is not a traditional Muslim, she came to the East from the Western world and are well settled in the Islamic world. Male Muslims are allowed to wear a wedding ring of any metal other than gold. Muslims do not attach much importance to what hand to wear your wedding ring, most often she wears it on the left, but no special rules on this issue.

In China, the couple wear wedding rings on the opposite hand, the bride becoming the wife usually wears his ring on his right hand, and her husband on the left. According to Chinese tradition, the woman – the Keeper of the family hearth and the right hand of the Chinese is considered more powerful and active.

Often the engagement ring and wedding ring are worn on one finger of one hand, it supposedly symbolizes eternal devotion to each other, but the constant wearing of rings in close proximity to each other can have a negative impact on their appearance, in other words, the ring will just RUB against each other, scratching and salivates. It is better to wear a wedding and engagement ring separately, so you not only accentuate the beauty and individuality of each of the rings, but keep them intact for long term rental


Which finger to wear engagement ring?

на каком пальце носить обручальное кольцоThe custom of wearing engagement or wedding ring on the fourth (unnamed) with the finger most often explain romantic but not true, a story about a special Vienna or the nerve that runs from the fourth finger directly to the heart. This beautiful story is associated with a Roman scholar and philosopher Ambrose Theodosius of Macrobi, who learned this legend from an unknown Egyptian priest. It is also the ring finger for some reason was considered to be the most protected. The tradition of wearing the wedding ring on his left hand was spread throughout the Roman Empire.

In Medieval Europe, particularly in France, during the wedding the groom the bride wore a ring on the middle finger of the right hand, but at the same time, the bishops of liège was made to wear the ring on the fourth finger of the bride.

In England prior to the reformation for wedding ring was meant for the middle finger of the right hand, the first mention of the fact that the ring should be worn on the left hand is found in the prayer book of 1549. However, before king Edward VI established by a special decree to wear a wedding ring on the middle finger of his left hand.

обручальное кольцо на пальцеIn the Renaissance tradition of wearing wedding rings have been significant changes, men wore symbols of their wedding vows on chains, fastened them to other jewelry and even hats.

There is another version that explains the tradition of wearing wedding rings on the ring finger. The author of this theory is unknown, most likely it was invented by men, and now you will understand why. In General, according to this theory the ring finger on the hand is the most dependent and weak, it only works in team with other fingers, in and of itself never performs the leading role. The ring on the fourth finger of the woman symbolizes her weakness and dependence on the husband. For some reason this theory doesn’t explain why men wear wedding ring on the ring finger.

In 1549 the Protestants, leaving the tradition of wearing the ring on the ring finger, still slightly changed it, having made the decision to not wear the ring on his right hand and the left. However, many Catholics did not change the tradition and have remained true to the “right-handed” marriage.

традиции ношения обручального кольцаBut in England during the reign of king George I’s wedding ring is often worn on the thumb of the hand. During the exchange of wedding vows, the ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger, but for some reason, perhaps this was a tribute to fashion, subsequently it was moved to the first finger.

Stories and legends associated with the custom of wearing wedding ring on right or left hand, very much, but none of them sounds like the ultimate truth or the official rule. Wearing a ring on that finger and the arm on which you like. If you honor tradition and do not like to answer more questions, wear ring, wear it as most of the couples around you, if you prefer a more original solutions to be prepared, because it can be misinterpreted. But in General, engagement ring – another confirmation of the connection between two loving hearts, and only them to decide how it will look.

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