In summer it is simply impossible to wear open shoes, if your feet look unkempt. Not all have the nature beautiful, healthy nails and because of this shy of their feet, hiding them from prying eyes. This problem can be changed easily, you need to do a pedicure, after which your legs will acquire a beautiful and well-groomed appearance.

Helps pedicure not only for women but for men who prefer the summer wear open shoes. Everybody, regardless of gender and age require this procedure, and to ignore it is not worth it. Make in pedicure salon this is not only a pleasant procedure, but also very efficient. It will provide an attractive appearance of your feet and the necessary prevention of various diseases.

Beauty salons today offer a wide variety of types of pedicure. Discuss the most popular of them.
Каким бывает педикюр?2
Classic, often called trim. It consists in the fact that the fingernails and hardened skin, cut and processed. Before the procedure legs распариваются in the tub. Principle of operation is very similar to the technology of execution trim manicure. Remember that there is a danger of accidentally cut yourself, and this is a threat of infections. If you do cut pedicure yourself, observe the rules of disinfection and hygiene.

Pedicure is carried out with the help of special device, which has a number of different nozzles. Processing steps foot skin and nail plate painless and fast.
Каким бывает педикюр3
The safest and gentlest is considered a French pedicure. Cuticle is removed sticks made from an orange tree. This type of pedicure will not be effective, if your skin is dry and much is coarse.

SPA pedicure invented by Americans. A procedure that allows to combine useful and pleasant. Applied cosmetics can be different: scrubs, oils, masks, peels, and many others.
Take care of your legs, be beautiful.

Article publication date: October 11, 2013

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