какую шапку носить с пальтоFor advertising photo of a beautiful woman in coat often adorned with flowing hair. But in reality it is not always possible to do without a hat, and so you must know which hat to wear with coats to create a stylish image. Headgear must be combined with a dress by style, color and texture.


Hats and fashion

Well chosen headdress perfectly complements any look that makes it distinctive and memorable. At the same time, unfashionable or just the wrong kind of hat can ruin the look and make it boring and unfashionable. Therefore, the choice of hat should devote enough time to the only result was pleasing.

To wear hats, not all are able. First of all, you need to perceive this accessory as a functional item, but as part of the image, decoration of the dress and its logical continuation. While on the functionality forget still not worth it: the cap needs to warm up in the cold and protect from strong wind.

In recent seasons in fashion bulky hat, a little sloppy, but delicious. These hats are suitable to almost all kinds of warm clothes and coat combination is just perfect. And yet, when the choice of caps should first take into account the peculiarities of the appearance, and only then style coat that is a hat.


How to choose the right hat?

The girls with the perfect oval face shape are suitable for almost all models of hats – volumetric, asymmetric, smooth, skinny, with brims, visors, POM-POM, “ears.” Chubby is better to abandon a form-fitting caps. But the girls with a triangular face shape these hats are perfect, but the bulk hats will look on them. If the face is elongated, it is better to choose round cap without any decoration on top. Square or angular face would look great in a cap with earflaps.

To large facial features better to choose such as large, bulky hats. If the facial features are small, then the cap should be compact.


The choice of color

Since the cap is in the immediate vicinity of the person, it is very important that the color match skin tone, hair and eyes. The rules are simple: if your skin has a cool tone, and a cap is better to choose cool colors. And, in contrast to warm skin tones will suit hats warm colors.

In winter, the skin is often pink from the wind or cold. This should be considered when choosing hats – it is advisable to go to the store on a cold day, to see how hue hat is coming to the shade flushed in the cold cheeks.

If the skin problem with acne or wrinkles, it is better to abandon fashionable hats, knitted from a thick yarn, braids decorated, bumps and other embossed patterns. These hats will accentuate the roughness of the skin. But smooth riding hood, perhaps with ornaments made of fur, would look in this case much better.

Matters and hair color. It is believed that the cap should not exactly repeat the shade strands. Better if headgear will vary in color from hair at least a couple of shades. Even more interesting look beanie in contrasting colours. They perfectly emphasise the shade of hair.


Varieties of caps

With coats you can combine different hats, and all combinations look your attractive. The most popular option – volume knitted hats. These hats seem a little too big. They are decorated with pompons or without additional ornaments – textured binding itself is very beautiful. Stylists do not recommend combining these hats with a volume (for example, exaggerated or down) coat. But to a narrow, straight or fitted coat classic or sporty silhouette, these hats fit perfectly.

Classic coat will look good with a hat with a brim. These hats can make an image memorable. However, this accessory is quite Moody and demanding, hats are not for everyone, and to properly combine them with the clothes can also be difficult. The most advantageous to look classic combination of the classic hats and coats. To coat in sporty style will suit hat Western style, but not the ladies ‘ classic.

Beanies with pompom perfectly complement straight coat without any decoration, concise and rigorous. The tone caps can match the color of the coat or to Supplement it.

Takes is considered a classic companion coat, and this is no coincidence. This combination always looks harmoniously, so the girls who are berets, you can safely put on and to his beloved coat. But it takes hardly suitable for cold weather.

But fur hats – ideal for harsh frosts. Such caps are worn to coat with a fur collar. In the extreme case, a suit and a fur boa made of the same fur, and hat. To combine different types of fur stylists do not recommend.


Important nuances

When choosing hats should be taken into account and a small but very important details:

  • If coat multicolor, it is best to choose a cap in the tone of one (ideally the least severe) shade fabric;
  • When choosing hats, contrasting with the color coat, it is better to complement the headpiece is suitable scarf;
  • Coat in a military style is not necessary to complement the ultra-feminine hats. Much better it will look a hat or cap in men’s style;
  • Caps with visors look great and fit everyone, but since this style traditionally prefer ladies in age, young girls, it is usually several ages;
  • Form-fitting beanie emphasize facial features and skin tone, therefore you should choose only those who are absolutely confident in its beauty;
  • The stricter style coat, the more ornate and decorative, can be a hat. Conversely, the more complex the cut and more decorations on the coat, the more simple style hats should choose;
  • Soft and rounded facial features combined with better textured volumetric caps than with a sleek and form-fitting.

Dmitry Anokhin

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