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Excess weight, which does not want to leave and is due to the disruption of the endocrine system – is not a sentence. You can make hormones for weight loss, just need to know what it is. Conventionally, these biologically active substances are divided into two types: anabolics and catabolic. The first is responsible for weight reduction, intensification and acceleration of metabolic processes and vital functions of the body. The latter are responsible for stabilizing and slowing down the process of losing extra pounds. Meanwhile, it is important to develop both types of hormones was agreed, as their balance in the body allows you to keep active, beauty and health.

What are hormones and how, promote weight loss?

Growth hormone. Somatotropin – another name for the hormone. He synthesized a small area of the brain to the pituitary gland. Growth hormone enables the production of proteins, and this in turn affects bone strength, muscle elasticity and strength of ligaments. During athletic training human growth hormone promotes the elimination of fat cells, while maintaining optimal glucose levels. Exposing the body for a long or intense aerobic interval exercise, you can stimulate the production of somatotropin. Result: get rid of excess weight, strong bones, flexible muscles and joints.

Endorphins. Increase stress, reduce pain threshold, give a feeling of satiety (beat cravings for snacking) and a good mood. Increase endorphins about 5 times cause long cardio at moderate and high speeds. As a result of regular physical activity, the body becomes sensitive to these hormones, and the duration of their presence in the bloodstream is greatly increased.

The adrenaline. A very important and necessary for weight loss hormone. Produced by the adrenal glands (not to be confused with the kidneys), accelerating the movement of blood. Actively breaks down in the liver and muscle fat and glycogen reserve of excess carbohydrates. This promotes rapid weight loss. To increase the level of adrenaline and maintain the proper level to help regular exercise sufficient intensity, for example, the TABATA Protocol.

Thyroxine or T4. Produced a small, but vital body is the thyroid gland. Essential for weight management, it improves all the vital processes in the body, so the effect on intracellular metabolism. Thyroxine increases calorie consumption and creates a sense of vitality and energy recovery. During exercise elaboration T4 is increased by one third and lasts for a long time. Regular exercise will help to maintain the hormones of a thyroid gland in norm.

The testosterone. This is a male hormone secreted by the testes and adrenal glands. It is produced in the ovaries, only in smaller quantities. Testosterone is designed to provide good physical condition muscles and bone tissue, affects lipid metabolism, that is, promotes the burning of fat. The level of testosterone increased by 20 minute workout and maintains its position for further 3 hours.

The estrogen. The female hormones, are synthesized in the ovaries. But in small quantities are produced in the testes in men. The adrenal glands also produce them in small doses. In women estrogen levels significantly decreased during menopause. These hormones increases metabolism, accelerate the decomposition of fat, improve emotional background, enhance sexuality. The level of female hormones increases during exercise, and then gradually decreased within 4 hours.

Did you know that the pancreas produces hormones for weight loss?

  • The insulin. Produced with a sharp rise in glucose levels in the blood. This most often happens after a big meal. Insulin, as smart hormone, prefers to use as energy carbohydrates, not fats that much easier. To avoid this, need to eat small amounts frequently and get rid of the habit of constantly chewing something sweet. During exercise insulin smoothly moves down to its norm. Permanent and regular exercise help to control insulin and keep it in check, at rest too.
  • Glucagon. Unlike insulin, it raises the level of glucose. In the fall of sugar level increases the secretion of glucagon, which accumulates in the liver substance glycogen to restore carbohydrate balance. But a mysterious glucagon at this time actively recycles fat stores. Independently of this hormone to produce quite difficult. The effect occurs only after 30 minutes of active exercise.

Above listed are not all useful for weight loss hormones. There are other invisible helpers, which can serve your body faithfully. The main thing is that they all acted in harmony. And to ensure this will help regular exercise, proper nutrition, attention to yourself. But to begin the process of achieving important goals, such as health, rationally with a visit to the doctor and surrender of the relevant analyses. After the examination you may be prescribed the appropriate medications or recommended special hormonal diet.


Julia, 55 years. After menopause I found a whole bunch of chronic diseases. But the most unpleasant thing is the weight, which is very complicated life. Doctors at the climax prescribe hormones, but I decided not to hurry with taking tablets. Began to walk, to do morning exercises and enrolled in group health. The result was not long in coming. The pounds started to leave, I feel much better. In General I think that the main hormone is the hormone of happiness, because then all the problems on the nerves.

Hope, 41. Happened to me this story. Came back from vacation, all was well, and then began to quickly lose weight. The survey showed disruption in the thyroid gland – hyperthyroidism. Analyses were as running a cancer patient. The saw handfuls of pills. And then decided to fight itself. Signed up for yoga, started to do breathing exercises. After six months, all the tests have come back normal. Continue to do and enjoy life.


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